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From Refill Not Landfill Project to Refill Elba by ECO-2MD

Refill Not Landfill Project

The increased awareness of our global environmental crisis leads the world to realize the importance of sustainability and the role that each person plays in the protection of our environment. Today I am introducing you “Refill Not Landfill” campaign developed in Asia. I had the pleasure to meet with Matteo, the Sustainability Coordinator at Easia Travel […]

3 sustainable gifts ideas

WayCap capsule - sustainable gifts ideas

Hello, today I am happy to share with you 3 sustainable gifts ideas after my celebration time for Christmas. Our family is expanding, there are few children now, I think is perfect to celebrate Christmas for them, reserving the presents and gifts to them, but my family always surprises me, also this time! I received too […]

Earth Day 2017 Act & Spread to the world


Today I hope you don’t mind, I want to share with you info , reflections and decisions connected with my personal life. Like most of people I have limited knowledge on the science connected to climate change (which is huge topic), but I love to learn and reflect about it. I always doubt about information […]

World Water day – Green tips

World Water Day by STouW 2017

I found the UN water report very interesting, I am happy to share green tips and new projects and initiatives already implemented to solve the water issue. I like to face problems in a constructive way: approaching them from the solutions already existing and reflecting how I can improve them. This is something I always […]

How to make your life green (er)? Paper step

green er life - sustainability - paper making

How to make your life green (er)? 1 step can be choosing recycled paper or paper made by different materials than trees, such as stones (not in the infographic but one case history of the blue economy). This info-graphic by Quill and Ghergich will explain you why. Think about all the pieces of paper you’ve used […]