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a Green Home Guide

Helping to save our planet may be more simple than you realise as there are lots of little things you can accomplish at home to help the environment and save you some money.

Green Home Guide produced by Sainsbury’s Home Insurance offers a step-by-step tip to assess your current energy usage at home and make it more efficient where possible.

Simple actions such as washing your clothes at a lower temperature and unplugging electrical items when they’re not in use could be a good starting point.

One of the cheapest and most straightforward tips you can embrace is to change your lightbulbs to more energy-efficient ones. Even just turning lights off in rooms you aren’t in might be an obvious tip but one that many of us are guilty of.

There are also many more helpful tips to adapt your home, such as involving renewables. Fitting your roof with solar panels or replacing your gas or electric heating with an alternative fuel such as biomass could be viable options. Details of funding for these more substantial changes, as well as more detail about all of the tips mentioned, can be found in the Green Home Guide.