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Today I hope you don’t mind, I want to share with you info , reflections and decisions connected with my personal life.

Like most of people I have limited knowledge on the science connected to climate change (which is huge topic), but I love to learn and reflect about it. I always doubt about information I read online or in books, I allow my brain to have doubts (a bit too much) and check if what I am reading make sens in comparison to my theoretical  and empirical knowledge.

That said there should be a balance between theory and  practical, I find the Earth Day Network a very interesting platform where to find information and practical tips to reduce our footprint. I suggest you to start taking the Ecological Footprint Quiz. 

I am glad I share home with a patient person I can talk to and discuss a bit about ecology and climate change, but not all the couples are the same. Let me give an example: I don’t drive and my partner Alessandro drives an hybrid car (now, after long time with a regular car), but this is not a common mix in my country, Italy, where cars are useful, but also a status symbol. The idea to have a silent car is something that scares most Italian boys.

What I like most about the international days id the suggested actions we all can take to do our bite, read on Earth day newtork website what we can all do.

[box title=”Here is my action: ” align=”center”]Ale and I are going to a local packaging free shop to listen information about an energy provider offering 100% energy from renewable sources.[/box]


This is just to say we are already sensitive about ecology and climate change, but still have issue in living as we should do for many reasons, I want to give you a couple of examples:

If we want to change the world, we should consider how live the 70-80% of world population and how we can help solve practical problems for them, until we keep talking among us it wouldn’t work. I feel to be in the middle, not good enough but not bad. I feel I want to know and do more to improve myself and the humans impact on our planet.

Do you have solutions? Please share them with me!

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