Sara Vitali, STouW founder How can I help you?

Sara Vitali, STouW founder

SARA VITALI founder of Stouw

Hi, thanks for visiting this page.

I am Sara Vitali, sustainable tourism and social media marketing expert, my mission is to make this world a better place through the skills I already have and the ones I will acquire on the way. If this is also your mission, then we should work together.

How can I assist you? Please see the services provided, experience & cv

Sustainable tourism consulting – sustainability in tourism.
Plan and manage strategies to help my clients reach sustainability and tourism responsibility. The service offered becomes a simplification and translation of international rules for the certification of sustainability in each country.

Tourism experience design – design of sustainable tourism offers a key project for a wider sustainable development strategy. 

Social media marketing strategy, management and training for tourism, sustainable development projects & sustainability applied in various sectors. 

Please get in touch with me to discuss your needs; I am happy to listen to and consider any proposal.


Would you like to see more details? Please visit my Linkedin page, and let’s connect:


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