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I found the UN water report very interesting, I am happy to share green tips and new projects and initiatives already implemented to solve the water issue.

I like to face problems in a constructive way: approaching them from the solutions already existing and reflecting how I can improve them. This is something I always do, so today that is the World Water Day I would like to share with you the best practical solutions to help solve the water problems, the green tips every company and person should know and implement. I’ll try to give examples from around the world too, where different regions have different problems, or maybe not!

Problems/ Solutions:

  1. Green Tips: water infographic
  2. Subsurface Water Solutions a project about improved water quality in coastal regions with sustainable aquifer storage shows results from Brazil, China, Cyprus and Vietnam
  3. Solar Water Solutions aims to increase agricultural productivity and access to water resources in Zimbabwean communities while minimising labour for small-scale farmers.
  4. Clean Water for rural Schools and Communities
  5. Interlcok in making history: first solar power pumping system to provide safe drinking water to 80+ families in a remote village, in the Kokan West coast of India 
  6. Over 5 trillion pieces of Plastic currently litter the ocean, we should all reduce our impact and consumption, but also solutions such as The Ocean Cleanup are interesting. The Ocean Cleanup develops advanced technologies to rid the word’s oceans of plastic. Read more
  7. The cooperation in the Danube / Black Sea area is an example of partnerships working at different scales to meet multiple objectives, involving different actors and within the frameworks of transboundary, regional and national laws. Lack of wastewater treatment was an important driver in this investment programme. In 2010, the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant began operation as part of the ‘Living Danube’ project. It ensures that 95% of the wastewater from Budapest is treated before its return to the environment, whilst also recovering nutrients and energy. Read more on 

Click here to Download the UN World Water Development Report

World Water Day by STouW 2017

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