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Sara Vitali- Braunton Burrows, North Devon Biosphere Reserve

Welcome to Sustainable Tourism World!!


This project came from a need when looking for information for my thesis. I could not find any helpful website to give me info about sustainable tourism and what it is possible to do as a sustainable tourism operator. So I began working on it while writing my thesis, and slowly I understood and improved my ideas.

What I like most about websites is they can change, even every day, without wasting paper or space.. they can follow your mind.

The website results from my experiences as sustainable tourism and social media consultant, personal experiences as a tourist and suggestions from readers, collaborators and friends. It has become a place where people can learn about sustainability, tourism & marketing, and it is a reference for people interested in sustainability and sustainable tourism.

The website used to be a platform to join where workers, students and interested people could introduce themselves, write about their work/school experience, give access to others’ experiences, and keep in touch with like-minded people.

Now the information is more from my professional research.  

Through the website, I want you to discover how beautiful our world is and how many gorgeous places can be if you choose to do more sustainable tourism. This hidden world we think is essential to know and appreciate, the world that can offer the best for you and our future.

On the platform, you will find:

  • Tourism businesses, including accommodation providers, the catering industry, farmers, landowners and tourist attractions.
  • Relevant destinations and useful tools managed by the public sector, community organizations or non-profit/cultural organizations.
  • Community involvement projects

This is the 4th update of this website souls, I hope you will like it. 

I am always looking to meet new people & sharing new experiences and I would appreciate your feedback!


PS. This site is not a journal as it is updated without any periodicity. 
Some text and images included in this site are taken from the internet and therefore considered public domain, if their publication violated any copyrights, please send an e-mail (sustainabletourismworld @ and it will be immediately removed.