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How to design a Tourism Questionnaire for Sustainable tourism

During my work experience at the Mountain Community of Lario and Ceresio valleys, I had to set up & deliver a survey to understand the importance of sustainability in tourism on the northern side of Lake Como. I am happy to share this work on sustainable tourism. I hope it is helpful to you.

Read more about the meaning of sustainable tourism for STouW and how to design sustainable tourism.
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It is correct to state that the drafting of the questionnaire represents the critical phase of a survey.
This phase is a good source of information, mainly the mistakes you can commit during the research.

Anyone preparing a questionnaire should remember the importance of the preliminary/exploratory phase, even more so if the topic to be addressed is complex. The questionnaire tests (pilot phase) allow obtaining a questionnaire that can be used during any repetitions of the investigation, without any modification, as most of the problems were eliminated due to the tests.

In the questionnaire, it is vital to use the correct sequence of questions.
The options can be the following:

● “Top-down sequence”: starting from the global aspects and then descending on a more detailed aspect;

● “Down-sequence “: starting from the detailed aspects and then arriving at the global evaluation.

In some cases (when, for example, customers should express a global assessment without being influenced by subsequent questions), it is preferable to adopt the top-down sequence. In contrast, in others, it is more efficient to use a down-top option.

During the preparation phase of the customer satisfaction questionnaire, great attention must also be paid to the choice of assessment scales to be used for the assessment, which must be expressed with quantitative parameters that can be measured and monitored over time. The scales, to be effective, must be complete and well-balanced.

Some people prefer to use stairs with equal steps to avoid the interviewee choosing the central step without expressing a clear positive or negative judgment. Instead, some often adopt the odd scales because even the central answers can be rich in meaning.

I made the questionnaire as a trainee and would make some changes now. I provided great information to Mountain Community using the simple tourism questionnaire (you can download it).


Here is an example of the questions I used to check the topic:

  1. target audience – demographic information
  2. questions about the destination (down)
  3. questions about general behaviour (top)
  4. open and closed questions about the local destination (down)

Please only let me know if you use it for some research. This is easy email me at sustainabletourismworld @ 

Sustainable tourism Lake Como - Map

 Sara – tourism sector consultant

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  1. Hello. Dear Sustainable Tourism world Team.
    First of all i`m really appreciated to hear about your organization. I`m Mongolian. But I`m writing all of you from Northern Cyprus where i come almost 3 months ago for Tourism & Hotel management in PhD program to research and develope GLOBAL GREEN BUSINESS CITIZENSHIP: An innovative Model of Social Responsibility and Ethical Behavior for Sustainable Tourism Development the 21st Century:
    SUSTAINABLE TOURISM INNOVATION ACADEMY for International green business developers and scholars…
    Because i saw lots of cases we need to develop new models for sustainable tourism development to save world and global citizen. So i would like to ask below questions. Please give me clear answers and directions.
    1. Do you have any support for sustainable education program or projects who wants to create and develope a innovation model for sustainable tourism development ? If yes, what kind of support for which categories? How i can apply it?
    2. Could you give me detailed information what kind supportive programs do you have for sustainable tourism developer or green business entrepreneur and PhD student who wants to develop and create GLOBAL GREEN BUSINESS CITIZENSHIP NETWORKING in Mongolia & Northern Cyprus: An innovative Model of Social Responsibility and Ethical Behavior for Sustainable Tourism Development the 21st Century in Mongolia & Northern Cyprus:
    SUSTAINABLE TOURISM INNOVATION PROGRAM for International green business developers and creator who can save world and serve good tourism products for global citizens and global travelers ?!
    3. I would like to be professional adviser and developer of Sustainable Tourism. I would like to be part of SUSTAINABLE TOURISM INNOVATION networking for International green business developers and scholars too.

    Hope your team will support me and will send me detailed informations.

    Have a nice day and Merry Christmas.


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