Global Eco Conference Heads to Margaret River in December 2020 – Sustainable Tourism News


Today I am happy to share with you this important news of  Sustainable Tourism: Ecotourism Australia’s 28th annual Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference will be held in Margaret River, Western Australia from 1 – 3 December 2020. The event – the world’s longest-running ecotourism conference – was last held in Western Australia, specifically Rottnest Island, in […]

UNWTO and the ONCE Foundation Seek Best Accessible Destinations

The first edition of the “Accessible Tourism Destination” (ATD) distinctions, which will recognize and promote sites that are accessible to all has been launched this summer by UNWTO and Fundación ONCE. The aim is to publicize locations “that make an important effort so that their destination can be enjoyed by any tourist, regardless of their physical, sensory […]

Sustainable Tourism News: Ecotourism Australia partners with the WTO of the United Nations

Ecotourism Australia

Sustainable Tourism World News: congratulations to the colleagues at Ecotourism Australia. Just announced the partnership with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The work of colleagues always inspires and motivate me. I can see the still long path I and Italian colleagues have ahead to achieve similar results, but it also shows me the possibilities we have in front of […]

TO DO Award 2019: Responsible Tourism Works!

TO DO Award 2019

That’s How Socially Responsible Tourism Works! Years ago I received the first press release from The Institute for Tourism and Development (Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung) here I am finally ready to share about it. Have you heard about it before? I am going to let the Institute introduce itself and the TO DO Award “With the […]

UNWTO Awards Sustainable Tourism 2019

unwto_awards_sustainable tourism 2019

The 15th UNWTO Awards were given to private or public institutions who contributed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. Differently from the 2018 edition, the 15th edition of the Awards was divided into three categories: UNWTO Award in Public Policy and Governance, in Enterprises and […]

The Wonderful experiences of a not adventurous traveler: North Spain & Portugal

Gaztelugatxe view from the top Sustainable Tourism World not adventurous traveler

Hello Sustainable Tourism World community! I am back sharing a bit about my not adventurous travel experiences. This time, I am talking about North Spain & Portugal, that I visited this September. I have to say from the sustainability point of view we (human beings with a normal lifestyle)  are still far away to be able […]

Sustainable Tourism World News: World Travel Market 2018 experience

WTM2018_World Travel Market London 2018_Sustainable Tourism World_ STouW

Year after year I attended World Travel Market London in November 4 times… this time I had to do mainly business meetings,  while I had to reduce the seminar part. I attended also post WTM events such as Travel Massive & Fringe Event Responsible Tourism. Here you are some highlights from the show and industry. […]

World Travel Market London 2018 UNWTO & WTM Ministers’ Summit

WTM_World Travel Market_London

Sustainable Tourism News: World Travel Market 2018 UNWTO & WTM Ministers’ Summit This is that time of the year again when the tourism operators stop or at least reduce their job and start checking results, planning the year ahead, and make business in London! As usual, I am planning my visit to WTM. I choose […]

Sustainable Tourism World news: Australian Walking and Cycling Conference

Australian Walking and Cycling Conference _STouW_sustainable tourism world

Hello, today I am happy to share news from the tourism sector in Australia! I am in love with this country where I had one of the most interesting professional experience ever, so I am glad to keep following the industry also there and to take the change to partner with colleagues when is possible. Australian […]