Hot Ride Through Chianti — Bicycling on the Via Francigena in July

Bicycling on the Via Francigena - sustainable tourism in Tuscany - Stouw

Earlier this month, after weeks of scorching temperatures in the city, I decided I needed an escape to the countryside. I didn’t have a full weekend, but I was motivated to ride through Chianti on the Via Francigena. I wanted a ride that was approachable; a ride that was cheap, simple and rewarding. On Sunday, […]

Italian sustainable development: the Gargano project

tourism a tool for sustainable development in Italy

Tourism is an opportunity of sustainable development for local economy such as farming and craftsmanship, for improvement for districts and landscapes, for ancient sites’ rehabilitation at the cost of state of neglect,  for ancient districts and mountain little lands and enhancement of traditions. Italy is known as a big cultural country given that 4.500 cultural […]

sustainable tourism in Italy

sustainable tourism: An example of excursionism in Italy

Italy is characterized a lot of local beauties such as art and nature. But do tourists pursue both equally? Unfortunately, there’s a clear favorite: while art and architecture draw waves of tourists to historic centers, Italy’s natural treasures are still enjoyed by only a small number of travelers. So, I’m here to focus on Italian sustainable […]

How to design a Tourism Questionnaire for Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism Lake Como - Map

How to design a Tourism Questionnaire for Sustainable tourism During my work experience at the Mountain Community of Lario and Ceresio valleys, I had to set up & deliver a survey to understand the importance of sustainability in tourism on the northern side of Lake Como. I am happy to share this work on sustainable […]

Flip & Grow! Farm tour 15th stop: Sotto i Pini (Sicilia), Italy

Silivia and Toti are speaking from their sicilian stop of the farm tour, they are now inn Zafferna, close to the Etna: Here we are in Sicily! Seems far away on the day of our departure from Lombardy. We are located on the slopes of Etna near Zafferana and we are working with a beautiful […]

Flip & Grow! Farm tour 14th stop:Tempa Del Fico (Campania), Italy

   Silvia and Toti our friend of Love4Globe have been during their farm tour, in the beautiful Cilento National Park between the hills and green forests of Campania. A wonderful place where you can still admire the mountains free horses, cows and sheep Istrian free in their habitat. Tempa del Fico is cultivated but most of […]

Flip & Grow ! Farm tour – 13th stop: Fattoria Fonte Trocchi (Abruzzo, Italy)

Flip & Grow ! Farm tour, Silvia and Toti speaking from Fattoria (farm) Fonte Trocchi (Abruzzo, Italy). What place creative and full of interesting stuff! Here in Tufillo (village of 400 souls on a hill in the province of Chieti), Nicolas and Federica have managed in two years to turn an old country house and a […]

4 Sustainable tourism thesis: The AD project – first selection

Sustainable tourism thesis 4 - Lake Como - around Gnallo

First selection made following the theory Following the guidelines, I have just written I created a database that allowed me to select areas of the mountain community of Lake Como and Lake Lugano Valleys most interesting for a proposed AD. I have chosen to select municipalities with a population of among 500 and 2000 (given […]

8 sustainable tourism thesis: AD – conclusions

sustainable tourism thesis 8- Lake Como - Gnallo

An Albergo Diffuso project is the popular choice for locations that (as the valleys of Lake Como and Lake Lugano) wish to become sustainable destinations showing their guests the peculiarities which are marked. Use this new and innovative formula of hospitality (which works well in Italy because of a large number of small countries from […]

Flip & Grow farm tour – 11th stop: Podere Veranello (Tuscany)

Silvia and Toti speaking from Podere Veranello (Tuscany) the 11th stop of the farm tour: Hello everyone! Now we got a few days at the farm Veranello, near Scansano (Grosseto) in the south of Tuscany. There is a nice atmosphere full of energy and ideas of young people. The garden explodes synergy of vegetables. Will update in the […]