Sharing economy, tourism and sustainability

There is a link between  Sharing economy and sustainability, in particular because the mediator between demand and request is disappearing, there are many examples in particular in the tourism  sector. Reading about Sharing Economy in many ways has reminded me about  a couple of Italian examples one is a different way to see and to […]

Sustainable Tourism – What does it mean for STouW website?

sustainable tourism world logo - STouW

Sustainable Tourism World has a specific opinion about what can be considered sustainable. Most of the time it is related with the role of  REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Sustainable tourism is an approach to tourism, a way to organise and design it, not a kind of tourism such as active, slow or golf tourism. Just few […]

Cultural and natural tourism in Uganda

Uganda Sustainable Tourism World

Every tribe, every region in Uganda has its folktale, is an individual bedtime story to tell children over the many generations- past, current and future. But there are aspects now commonly shared across tribes, and once of those – the gomesi, a lady’s outfit with shoulders that stand in vertical pleats and a sash firmly […]

2 Sustainable tourism thesis: Albergo Diffuso. The AD model (renovation)

Sustainable tourism thesis 2 - Lake Como - Gnallo renovation work in progress

Albergo Diffuso (AD), the sustainable formula for touristic development. A project to Lario’s and Ceresio’s  Valleys. The Albergo Diffuso model (renovation of existing buildings) The “Albergo Diffuso” also named “scattered hotel” is a new type of accommodation. It is about two or more existing buildings, like old barns, or unused homes, which may be refurbished and […]

Québec (Canada) appreciate Albergo Diffuso

Albergo Diffuso promotion in Canada

Albergo diffuso : pour développer l’offre d’hébergement autrement Article from Amelie Racine Le concept L’albergo diffuso est un type d’hébergement qui offre les services d’un hôtel traditionnel dans une structure qui s’apparente à la location de propriété privée. Une des particularités de ce concept italien est sa structure horizontale, qui subdivise les services hôteliers en […]