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Carbone negative travel: Around the World in a sustainable way with Solar Impulse 2

Solar Impulse 2

 It seemed to be possible only in science fiction stories, instead, to travel on a sustainable aircraft powered by alone solar energy it’s feasible today. I am talking about the Solar Impulse 2 model, an aircraft perfected after many years of engineering studies. Fascinated by the hard work to realize it and by its environmental effects maybe one day […]

Decarbonizing tourism: would you pay US$ 11 for a carbon-free holiday?

According to a new study published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism the damaging effects of CO2 emissions from tourism could eventually be eliminated if travelers paid just US$11 per trip. Professor Scott, found that the most cost effective strategy for the tourism industry to meet the United Nations’ recommended targets of reducing carbon emissions, includes […]

How to plan a tourism offer for the Italian market #data

How to plan a tourism offer for the Italian market data

The latest post I wrote for Tourforce Newsletter  by Tony Charters is about how to plan a tourism offer for the Italian market: sustainable tourism, internet, ecotourism seems to be the most important keywords and concepts. See the latest edition of TourForce on the new Website     Are you interested to know […]

Young Skal International Symposium – tourism business event

Hello, last week I had the pleasure to attend the 3rd Young Skal International Symposium in Rome to meet some of my skalleagues from around the world during 4 days of meetings, seminars, networking and fun. SKAL International is a very important international association member of the United Nations. The members are all leaders, business […] sustainable tourism planning platform

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  I am very happy to collaborate with Marilyn Waite at, the website is full of tips and suggestions about sustainable tourism: destinations, itineraries, hotel & accommodation. For a while my desire has been to develop a similar product, but I soon realized the amount of information, work and skills required to obtain a […]