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I am very happy to collaborate with Marilyn Waite at, the website is full of tips and suggestions about sustainable tourism: destinations, itineraries, hotel & accommodation.

For a while my desire has been to develop a similar product, but I soon realized the amount of information, work and skills required to obtain a platform such this one is huge, this is the main reason why when I met Marilyn in London during the World Travel Market in November 2014, I started thinking about a way to collaborate. is the perfect partner for Sustainable Tourism World and I am sure we will share our path very often from now on.

SustainableVisit’s mission is to save the planet, one trip at a time.

SustainableVisit will help you factor sustainability and responsible travel into various travel decisions: restaurants, accommodation, tours, museums, and other attractions. SustainableVisit sources from research and the crowd, based on quadruple bottom line principles: society, environment, economy, and future generations.

SustainableVisit offers custom-made travel itineraries geared towards sustainable travel. Travel plans are very detailed and respect the principles of sustainable/responsible/eco travel. In addition to general sustainability (including sustainable accommodation, restaurants, and transportation), travel plans can be geared towards a specific diet (such as vegan and paleo), particular interests (from general “I like the outdoors” to more specific “I like all things chocolate”), and more.

Here is my first article, enjoy reading:
How to Travel Right in the New Year of the Sheep

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