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Hi thanks for visiting my page.

I am Sara Vitali, sustainable tourism expert, my mission is to make this world a better place through the skills I already have and the ones I will acquire on the way. If this is also your mission then we should work together.

Sustainable tourism consulting – sustainability in tourism.
Planning and managing strategies to help my clients reach sustainability and responsibility in tourism. The service that is offered becomes a simplification and translation of international rules for the certification of sustainability in each country.

Tourism experience design – designing sustainable tourism experiences as key projects for a wider sustainable development strategy. 

Social media strategy for sustainability and social marketing

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Where did my passion for sustainable tourism come from?
I am from the very beautiful area known as the Alto Lario, which is on the Northern side of Lake Como (here is some quick information about Lake Como):

I started being interested in tourism in high school. During university  I studied the sustainability orientated courses. See for instance the summary of my masters degree thesis.

Albergo Diffuso project on Lake Como

During university I met for the first time the Skål International  Organisation, an international tourism businesses association. I am a Skål International young member of Lombardia club since 2009.

Skål International is focused on  doing business among friends and committed to sustainability. More info here.

Although I graduated in Italy most of my work experience has been abroad:

I have been lucky enough to work with two amazing teams of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves:

– In Wales (UK) (2011) with Ecodyfi, working for the Dyfi Biosphere Reserve

In North Devon (UK)  (2012) working for the Devon County Council, joining the North Devon’s Biosphere Reserve team in Barnstaple

Other experiences

In Switzerland ( 2012) I had the chance to improve web and web marketing knowledge during an experience with Xdeers, a cool web agency focused on hospitality.

In Italy (2013) I experienced the public sector bringing my contribution and experience with website and social media  to Valli del Lario e del Ceresio (Lake Como and Lugano area) Mountain Community.

My last challenge and greatest experience abroad has been in Brisbane, Australia with Tony Charters & Associates – Brisbane Australia (2013 – 2014)

Would you like to see more details? Please visit my Linkedin page and let’s connect:

Would you like to know where the idea beyond STW is from?See About STW

Lake Como - Grona - Sunset
Lake Como – Sunset – Grona by P. Ortelli