How to design sustainable tourism (in Italy and Europe)

STouW - How to design sustainable tourism Italy - Oasi del Bassone WWF

How to design sustainable tourism (in Italy and Europe) Many times I hear people saying they don’t know how to apply sustainability to their business or even more they don’t know what sustainable tourism is and how to design sustainable tourism. I had some thoughts writing this article because after years of studies and several […]

Bhutan is the World’s Only Carbon Negative Country – How is possible?

Paro,_Bhutan, Carbone negative - sustainable tourism world

Inspired by the National Geographic travel’s article from October 2017 “Visit the World’s Only Carbon Negative Country” I did a bit of research and I discovered interesting aspects not so well highlighted in the article (in my opinion). I found some information in this article by Climate action. and others listed in the source list. […]

Bwindi: Local economic development through gorilla sustainable tourism


Often I have colleagues and students asking for practical examples and practices of sustainable tourism. This time I want to give you all the opportunity to get involved with a project. (click to download the project flyer) During World Travel Market in London (November 2017) I attended  the presentation of this interesting project explaining the […]

Sailors for Sustainability: preparation year & solutions in NL

farewell party sailors for sustainability

Welcome to the Second appointment with Sailor for Sustainability! I started reading the  blog’s monthly archive and I was impressed to discover  how much preparation Floris & Ivar had to do in the last months before departure, including a medical course for sailors, sea survival training, practical meteorology for long-distance sailors and engine maintenance. That said I […] a brilliant startup helping organizations worldwide

In August 2016,I started to collaborate with is a technology platform for curated travel experiences offered by nonprofits around the globe. Travelers use to add sustainable, immersive experiences to their itinerary, and revenue is channeled back to the local community through the host organization. They currently offer travel experiences in more than […]

Interlock making History – sustainable development

Interlock - India - Interlock making History

Sustainable development news: Interlock. First solar power pumping system to provide safe drinking water to 80+ families in a remote village, in the Kokan West coast of India, without any power for conventional pumps. When Cost of fuel is impossible for villages . This village can now be renewed and participate in the development of […]

Sustainable development & Women empowerment through vocational traning in ICT

Sustainable development & Women empowerment in Tanzania

A sustainable development can arise with a good education system. One of the weaknesses of the Tanzanian education system is that it does not give due importance to vocational education. As a result, there is a mismatch between the skilled manpower required and skilled manpower available. The manpower available does not have the specific skill […]

Costa Rica’s Communities – sustainable development

Costa Rica - sustainable development - Tortuguero2 - Briana

Costa Rica’s Communities – sustainable development A Close Up on Costa Rica’s Communities – sustainable development. The tourism industry economically influences many communities in Costa Rica; this is the case of Tortuguero and San Francisco, located on the northern Caribbean coast inside Tortuguero National Park. The area has several attractions, including a sea turtle conservatory, […]

Costa Rica’s Big History & Sustainable Development

osta Rica sustainable development Briana

Today, Costa Rica can be considered as a model for sustainable development and ecotourism, however, Costa Rica had hit rock bottom before rising up and becoming a mecca for eco tourists and conservationists. Costa Rica was once a country that economically depended on the extraction of natural resources, but since the 1980’s its economy has […]

Interlock is looking for volunteers for sustainable development projects in India

sustainable development Interlock 2

Interlock charity is in need of volunteers that could help with ideas for the new solar ecology hotel and catering school one of their sustainable development projects. Anyone who know about solar systems and design is welcome . There is help needed with making building blacks for the Eco hotel i.e. SCEB Stabilized Compressed Earth […]