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How to design sustainable tourism (in Italy and Europe)

STouW - How to design sustainable tourism Italy - Oasi del Bassone WWF

How to design sustainable tourism (in Italy and Europe) Many times I hear people saying they don’t know how to apply sustainability to their business or even more they don’t know what sustainable tourism is and how to design sustainable tourism. I had some thoughts writing this article because after years of studies and several […]

Bhutan is the World’s Only Carbon Negative Country – How is possible?

Paro,_Bhutan, Carbone negative - sustainable tourism world

Inspired by the National Geographic travel’s article from October 2017 “Visit the World’s Only Carbon Negative Country” I did a bit of research and I discovered interesting aspects not so well highlighted in the article (in my opinion). I found some information in this article by Climate action. and others listed in the source list. […]

Bwindi: Local economic development through gorilla sustainable tourism


Often I have colleagues and students asking for practical examples and practices of sustainable tourism. This time I want to give you all the opportunity to get involved with a project. (click to download the project flyer) During World Travel Market in London (November 2017) I attended  the presentation of this interesting project explaining the […]

Sailors for Sustainability: preparation year & solutions in NL

farewell party sailors for sustainability

Welcome to the Second appointment with Sailor for Sustainability! I started reading the  blog’s monthly archive and I was impressed to discover  how much preparation Floris & Ivar had to do in the last months before departure, including a medical course for sailors, sea survival training, practical meteorology for long-distance sailors and engine maintenance. That said I […]

Interlock making History – sustainable development

Interlock - India - Interlock making History

Sustainable development news: Interlock. First solar power pumping system to provide safe drinking water to 80+ families in a remote village, in the Kokan West coast of India, without any power for conventional pumps. When Cost of fuel is impossible for villages . This village can now be renewed and participate in the development of […]