3 words linked to biofuel: innovation, sustainable development & food

It is easy to understand where biofuel meets innovation, the more problematic is the link among biofuel, sustainable development and food. As showed in this article biofuel reduces the carbon intensity of commercial flights and it can also reduce particulate matter emissions by 3 percent, addressing the growing problem of air pollution near airports and metropolitan […]

Can sustainable development be achieved with Craft markets?

Local markets are generally my favourites where to buy food and souvenirs when I am visiting a place, the reasons for my choice are several: the food is genuine and  tasty, the souvenirs from the market are more likely connected with the local culture and tradition  all the money spent goes directly to the local community  helping […]

Partners and supporters for sustainable development in Gambia


  Latest UNDP report in July 2014 encourages the government of The Gambia to continue investing on sustainable development. Read more on http://bit.ly/1pW39NX The Gambia is working hard to reach the 2015 millennium goals of sustainable development. One projects has been developed in partnership with important companies and organisations: Fisheries Sustainability in The Gambia, MSC Certification Process. […]

The Gambia: overview and sustainable development challenges

sustainable development goals and the Gambia

The Gambia is one of the countries where UNDP is working on sustainable development through Millennium Development Goals. The Gambia is unfortunately famous now days because of Ebola, latest news reports the Gambia government has made a move to protect her citizens and visitors to the country. In what looked like a precautionary measure, the Gambia […]

South Gambia Foundation – sustainable development in the Gambia

South Gambia Foundation Group - Sustainable Development

South Gambia Foundation is a community based organization in the Gambia, working in sustainable development. The sole aim is to champion and support community based development projects that are actively charting a path towards a more sustainable future in communities. They are trying to support in creating employment, social awareness and cultural encounters in Gambia, […]

2 Sustainable tourism thesis: Albergo Diffuso. The AD model (renovation)

Sustainable tourism thesis 2 - Lake Como - Gnallo renovation work in progress

Albergo Diffuso (AD), the sustainable formula for touristic development. A project to Lario’s and Ceresio’s  Valleys. The Albergo Diffuso model (renovation of existing buildings) The “Albergo Diffuso” also named “scattered hotel” is a new type of accommodation. It is about two or more existing buildings, like old barns, or unused homes, which may be refurbished and […]

Sustainable tourism in the Gambia with Gam – Excursion,Gambia, Africa

Sustainable tourism in Gambia

Sustainable tourism in the Gambia with Gam – Excursion is a small locally owned organisation in the Gambia. Bully Jaiteh is telling us about his organizations: Gam – Excursion.  It involves in the offering of the community-based excursion, guiding service, homestays, cooking and dancing classes in our Gambia cultural encounter and traditional society experience to […]

Flip and grow (Gira e Coltiva) the first italian farm tour – Love4Globe project

Flip&GrowSilvia e Toti

Tonight I would like to introduce a little group I would like to collaborate more with and the project they are developing right now: Flip&Grow (Gira&Coltiva) the first Italian farmer tour! They are Silvia and Toti, Silvia is my university colleague and she has very interesting ideas about sustainable tourism, biological products and how to […]

Would you like to be part of the Sustainable Tourism World project?

STW Dyfi biosphere reserve - lamb

Are you wondering how is possible to help me and this project? – writing posts or suggesting subjects I can write about (Andy and Martina, for example, suggested me to write a post about ecomuseum and gave me some papers to read and review and published. So you’ll see a post about Ecomuseum 🙂 ) […]

Ilaria Urbani

Hi! My name is Ilaria Urbani and I’m studing “Tourism, territory and local development” at Milano-Bicocca University. I’m writing my thesis right now in Sarajevo about “Responsible tourism as a tool of international cooperation for development”, I have been here two months and I will come back to Milan the 23rd December. I will start […]