2 Sustainable tourism thesis: Albergo Diffuso. The AD model (renovation)

Sustainable tourism thesis 2 - Lake Como - Gnallo renovation work in progress

Albergo Diffuso (AD), the sustainable formula for touristic development. A project to Lario’s and Ceresio’s  Valleys. The Albergo Diffuso model (renovation of existing buildings) The “Albergo Diffuso” also named “scattered hotel” is a new type of accommodation. It is about two or more existing buildings, like old barns, or unused homes, which may be refurbished and […]

3 Sustainable tourism thesis: The Albergo Diffuso model (redevelopment)

sustainable tourism thesis 3 - Lake Como - Gnallo square

My Thesis: The Albergo Diffuso model (redevelopment and revitalization planning) These redevelopments and revitalization projects have done a good deal to avoid the disappearance of the charming suburbs “Comeglians” in Friuli – Venezia Giulia region, home of the first “Albergo Diffuso”. The minimum requirements for hosting the ADS are evaluated through a SWOT analysis. Interesting attractions […]

4 Sustainable tourism thesis: The AD project – first selection

Sustainable tourism thesis 4 - Lake Como - around Gnallo

First selection made following the theory Following the guidelines, I have just written I created a database that allowed me to select areas of the mountain community of Lake Como and Lake Lugano Valleys most interesting for a proposed AD. I have chosen to select municipalities with a population of among 500 and 2000 (given […]

5 Sustainable tourism thesis: The AD project – on site valuation

sustainable tourism thesis 5- Lake Como - Gnallo

Sustainable tourism thesis: on-site verification (AD project) I have checked: • The real existence of a village well-defined than the rest of the country • Presence of abandoned houses for sale or rent in the village area • Presence of hotels, campsites, BB, townhouse or apartment (which may also be interested in joining the AD […]

6 Sustainable tourism thesis: AD – the proposal for Lake Como

sustainable tourism thesis 6 - Lake Como - Gnallo

Albergo Diffuso project proposal My proposal for Codogna location (town of Grandola) and Rezzonico (town of San Siro ) was designed after analyzing and understanding the situation of AD currently recognized.   Features in common of the AD answered to my questionnaire are: • Type of company: private company generally; • Funding rarely used; • […]

7 Sustainable tourism thesis: AD – the rensponse to the proposal

Sustainable tourism thesis 7 - Lake Como - Gnallo hamlet

The overall project proposal was submitted, attached to a short questionnaire to people potentially interested in the Albergo Diffuso project. Everything has been sent to those who actually are available to rent a house or apartment (I found them on various websites, including www.subito.it, www.idealista.it, www.eurecasa. com and www.immobiliare.it) and the municipalities of the villages […]

8 sustainable tourism thesis: AD – conclusions

sustainable tourism thesis 8- Lake Como - Gnallo

An Albergo Diffuso project is the popular choice for locations that (as the valleys of Lake Como and Lake Lugano) wish to become sustainable destinations showing their guests the peculiarities which are marked. Use this new and innovative formula of hospitality (which works well in Italy because of a large number of small countries from […]

Nicola Caygill

Nicole Caygill

Nicola has given us her master dissertation: Luxury ecotourism: A case study of The Great Barrier Reef, Supervisor: James Elwin. Presented as a final requirement for the degree of Master of Science in Tourism: Environment and development Oxford Brookes University, University of Canberra. Nicola has been involved in tourism since 1998. Her academic experience has […]

Planning my work at the North Devon Biosphere Reserve

Tarka Trail-North Devon Biosphere (6)

Hi Everybody! I would like just let you know what I am doing in North Devon, more or less what means to me be a tourism consultant of an area like this one. Today I discuss it with my boss, and we found interesting things to do. I proposed many things, and after the discussion, we […]

Flip&Grow the farm tour – 3° stop: Valtidone Verde (Lombardy) Italy

Love 4 globe Flip & Grow farm tour - 3° stop (4)

The third stage of the farm tour: Flip & Grow! for Silvia e Toti!! near Zavattarello (Pavia), Valtidone Verde, Italy With a very warm welcome, Ludmilla has introduced Silvia and Toti to the whole family and made ​​known the beautiful valley of Zavattarello (Pavia). Here they are in front of a beautiful view and beautiful nature. […]