Flip and grow (Gira e Coltiva) the first italian farm tour – Love4Globe project

Flip&GrowSilvia e Toti

Tonight I would like to introduce a little group I would like to collaborate more with and the project they are developing right now: Flip&Grow (Gira&Coltiva) the first Italian farmer tour! They are Silvia and Toti, Silvia is my university colleague and she has very interesting ideas about sustainable tourism, biological products and how to […]

World Peace Forest (Africa) project

world peace forest STW sustainability

Hi Everybody, this quick update to say there is The World Peace Forest (Africa) project looking for different kind of workers all related with sustainable tourism field: 1)Seawater agricultural experts. 2)fundraisers, 3)International Press coverage, 4)volunteers Here a little presentation about The World Peace Forest: The World Peace Forest, a symbol of our desire as a […]

Albergo diffuso: une nouvelle forme d’hébergement alternatif

Albergo Diffuso - Canada - sustainable tourism - STW 3

A.D. (« Albergo diffuso ») est une structure d’accueil et d’hébergement typiquement italienne qui, au cours de ces dernières années, a su dépasser les limites nationales et obtenir, aujourd’hui, une renommée qui a rejoint l’Angleterre, l’Allemagne, la Croatie, Israël et même les Etats-Unis où cette formule innovatrice a obtenu le premier prix, comme « best practice ». La remise des […]

Sustainable New York: Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and the Ospray Project

Sustainable New York - wildlife refuge - STouW

The wildlife refuge at Jamaica Bay in Queens is part of Gateway National Recreation Area,  one of the few urban National Park Service properties in the country, and the banding operation was spearheaded by the National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy, a nonprofit group. A special guest of this refuge are the Osprays: large […]

Sustainable New York City: renewable energy Plans

Sustainable New York Staten Island's Freshkills Landfill - STouW

New York City is working to improve its energy consume. There is the possibility right now to generate 20 megawatts of renewable power, now that the city is soliciting bids to build and operate a wind farm and solar power plant there at Staten Island’s Freshkills Landfill. City officials say the project at the closed landfill could generate […]

Skal Association and the sustainability

sustainable tourism award - SKAL International

Skal Association and the sustainability Skal International, following the United Nations declaration of 2002 as the Year of Ecotourism and the Mountains, launched the Ecotourism Awards in the same year, to highlight and acknowledge best practices around the globe. Skål, as an international organisation of industry leaders, is a powerful force in the travel and tourism industry […]

The Zero Waste Program: San Francisco

Sustainable San_Francisco zero waste program

The Zero Waste Program is a non-profit organization designed to promote tools, practices, and city policy to reduce toxins and waste in San Francisco. This program assists San Franciscan businesses, city government, and universities, such as the University of San Francisco and San Francisco State University, in creating sustainable solutions for our environment. Imagine a world in which nothing goes to the landfills or […]

Focus on Albergo Diffuso

Albergo Diffuso_Spain_The Hacienda Zorita

Focus on Albergo Diffuso The first recognized “Albergo Diffuso” abroad is in Spain The new Italian way to offer hospitality: Albergo Diffuso model is increasing importance, and other countries as Spain could have benefited from it  A little ‘house, a little’ hotel: the innovative recipe of Italian hospitality, debuted in the province of Salamanca. A […]