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A great initiative: Sailors for Sustainability


Hello! Today I am very happy to announce a new collaboration and introduce you Floris and Ivar. The other day I spoken to Floris van Hees & Ivar Smits, the two guys behind sailors for sustainability, a beautiful initiative I want you to be aware of. On 13 June 2016 they left Amsterdam aboard their classic sailing […]

Earth Day 2017 Act & Spread to the world


Today I hope you don’t mind, I want to share with you info , reflections and decisions connected with my personal life. Like most of people I have limited knowledge on the science connected to climate change (which is huge topic), but I love to learn and reflect about it. I always doubt about information […]

World Water day – Green tips

World Water Day by STouW 2017

I found the UN water report very interesting, I am happy to share green tips and new projects and initiatives already implemented to solve the water issue. I like to face problems in a constructive way: approaching them from the solutions already existing and reflecting how I can improve them. This is something I always […]

Sustainable Tourism World community news

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[Sustainable Tourism World community news] It has been a while since last post on Sustainable Tourism World, today I am going to share with you the latest project of a change makers we already met, Albert Kahai Founder and Director of Hurumia Watoto Charity, an organisation focusing on mobilizing and strengthening communities to urgently support the […]

World Travel Market 2016 report – WTM London

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Attending the World Travel Market in London is always an experience, it is the moment of the year when all the European and international tourism operators get together. This was my third time at WTM London, I went the first time in 2014  (read more about my first time at WTM London),  and I attended […]