3 sustainable gifts ideas

Hello, today I am happy to share with you 3 sustainable gifts ideas after my celebration time for Christmas.

Our family is expanding, there are few children now, I think is perfect to celebrate Christmas for them, reserving the presents and gifts to them, but my family always surprises me, also this time!

I received too many presents from mum and dad, from my sweet half, and so on, I am so grateful, even more, grateful for these gifts that are perfectly focused on my interest and lifestyle! I am sharing them to inspire you.

  • Plant from a pencil,  the plantable Sprout pencil was invented back in 2013 by a group of MIT students. Five years after the launch of the world´s first plantable pencil on Kickstarter, this student project seems to have conquered the world. The pencil has become world-famous. These days, the start-up behind Sprout World reaches 10 million-sold pencils in over 60 countries. With lots of clients, including Disney, Coca Cola, Marriott, McKinsey and Unilever.
    The idea with the Sprout pencil is that you plant it when it becomes too short to write or colour with. This way you give it a new life by turning the stub into herbs, vegetables or flowers. The Sprout pencil it is said to be 100% natural and biodegradable, and it has become a popular green alternative to company plastic ball pens with logo. Please read more on the official website Sprout pencil. I am looking forward to starting using it, I am already considering having a small balcony garden made with plant from pencils!

Plant from a pencil - sustainable gifts ideas

  • Plant your tree on Treedom. Treedom is an online platform where you can have someone plant a tree for you and then follow it online. Since its foundation in 2010 in Florence, Italy, more than 1.000.000 trees have been planted in Africa, South America and Italy. All trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and financial benefits to their communities. Thanks to its business model, in 2014 Treedom became part of the Certified B Corporations, a network of companies that stand out for high environmental and social performance.

    Every tree on Treedom is geo-localized and photographed and has its online page, it can be kept or virtually gifted to others. Thanks to these features, Treedom’s tree engages people and at the same time, it represents a great communication and marketing tool for companies. My aim now is to grow a personal forest and when it will be possible to visit the company and the trees!!!


  • WayCap is a refillable stainless steel capsule conceived in order to produce no other waste than coffee grounds.
    these coffee grounds can be useful too: as a degreaser, like compost, as a home deodorizer, for a revitalizing massage or, when tapped on some cotton wool, to cover the scratches on wood surfaces.
    The WayCap capsules are designed to be used an infinite amount of times.The impact on the environment is minimal, the company says in every step of their production process:

    • Every element of the capsule, gaskets included, are produced right next to the storage warehouse and only travel once to reach your home.
    • The packaging is minimal and completely recyclable.
    • The space occupied is minimal in order to reduce the impact on the environment, even during the storage and the shipping processes.

    Please read more on the company website WayCap.

    I have tested it many times now and the taste of the caffè (the Italian word for caffè espresso) is amazing!

    WayCap capsule - sustainable gifts ideas

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