From Refill Not Landfill Project to Refill Elba by ECO-2MD

Refill Not Landfill Project

The increased awareness of our global environmental crisis leads the world to realize the importance of sustainability and the role that each person plays in the protection of our environment. Today I am introducing you “Refill Not Landfill” campaign developed in Asia. I had the pleasure to meet with Matteo, the Sustainability Coordinator at Easia Travel […]

3 sustainable gifts ideas

WayCap capsule - sustainable gifts ideas

Hello, today I am happy to share with you 3 sustainable gifts ideas after my celebration time for Christmas. Our family is expanding, there are few children now, I think is perfect to celebrate Christmas for them, reserving the presents and gifts to them, but my family always surprises me, also this time! I received too […]

Sailors for Sustainability – sustainable solutions in United Kingdom

Totnes - sailors for sustainability

Welcome back to Sailor for Sustainability. If you don’t know them yet, please read who they are here! Right now they are back in the Netherlands presenting the first two years of their sailing trip around the world in search of sustainable solutions. Today I would like to share with you their experience in the United Kingdon […]

Sailors for Sustainability focus on sustainable solutions

Community-supported-agriculture-in-kattendorf- Sailors for sustainability

Welcome back to Sailor for Sustainability. If you don’t know them yet, you can read who they are here! Right now they are on their way to Gran Canaria: During their sailing adventure around the world they found different and interesting sustainability solutions: all these examples of people carry a unique message which is that […]

Carbon Negative Travel – a focus on the carbone negative science

carbone negative travel - tech

In the last 2 years you might have noticed a New topic in Sustainable Tourism Word website: carbon negative travel. I have been introduced to the topic by David Haaren isitigator of Sail Freight Project in Vermount  and with his help I am happy to share a focus on the carbone negative science. What is so bad about […]

Sailors for Sustainability: Italian adventure 2017 -part 2

Our-route-from-Isola-di-San-Pietro-to-Crotone - sailors for sustainability

Welcome to the 4th meeting with Sailor for Sustainability! You can read who they are here! After visiting Portofino, Elba and Sardegna, our Sailor friends, Ivar and Floris headed towards their next exciting adventure to Sicily. They were impressed by both the warm temperatures of Southern Italy and the welcoming people offering them typical dishes like Arancini […]

Sailors for Sustainability: Italian adventure 2017

Welcome to the 3° meeting  with Sailor for Sustainability! You can read who they are here! This time I want to share the adventures and solutions Ivar and Floris discovered in Italy. I made this choice for 2 reasons: they just left Italy towards a different country and they celebrated 1 year of adventures this year. […]

Sailors for Sustainability: preparation year & solutions in NL

farewell party sailors for sustainability

Welcome to the Second appointment with Sailor for Sustainability! I started reading the  blog’s monthly archive and I was impressed to discover  how much preparation Floris & Ivar had to do in the last months before departure, including a medical course for sailors, sea survival training, practical meteorology for long-distance sailors and engine maintenance. That said I […]

A great initiative: Sailors for Sustainability


Hello! Today I am very happy to announce a new collaboration and introduce you Floris and Ivar. The other day I spoken to Floris van Hees & Ivar Smits, the two guys behind sailors for sustainability, a beautiful initiative I want you to be aware of. On 13 June 2016 they left Amsterdam aboard their classic sailing […]

Skal International World Congress experience

Young skal at work, Skal International world congress

My experience at the Skal International World Congress (SIWC) was very interesting, I personally appreciated a lot being considered a member, but also an helper. It was very interesting to see how many details have to be organised for a conference that big. This was not my first experience in congress organisation , I already […]