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Sharing economy, tourism and sustainability

There is a link between  Sharing economy and sustainability, in particular because the mediator between demand and request is disappearing, there are many examples in particular in the tourism  sector. Reading about Sharing Economy in many ways has reminded me about  a couple of Italian examples one is a different way to see and to […]

Sustainable tourism thesis – Albergo Diffuso tourism project

Sustainable tourism thesis 4 - Lake Como - around Gnallo

Sustainable tourism thesis: Albergo Diffuso tourism project On this page, we are sharing information taken from my master’s degree thesis: the Albergo Diffuso (a sustainable tourism project made in Italy): This is a summary of my dissertation:Albergo Diffuso (AD) is a sustainable formula for tourist development. It is a project for Lario’s and Ceresio’s Valleys. […]

Québec and Albergo Diffuso – English Version

Albergo Diffuso promotion in Canada

Albergo diffuso: An alternative form of hospitality Buildings located in historic areas are given a second life as they welcome visitors eager to learn about and experience local culture. This is the albergo diffuso, an Italian concept that combines the very old with the contemporary. Article from Amelie Racine ConceptAn albergo diffuso is a type […]

The first recognized “Albergo Diffuso” abroad is in Spain

Albergo Diffuso_Spain_The Hacienda Zorita

The first recognized “Albergo Diffuso” abroad is in Spain The new Italian way of offering hospitality, the Albergo Diffuso model, is becoming increasingly important, and other countries, such as Spain, could benefit from it.  A little ‘house, a little’ hotel: the innovative recipe of Italian hospitality debuted in the province of Salamanca. A few houses […]