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The first recognized "Albergo Diffuso" abroad is in Spain

The new Italian way of offering hospitality, the Albergo Diffuso model, is becoming increasingly important, and other countries, such as Spain, could benefit from it. 

Albergo Diffuso_Spain_The Hacienda Zorita
The First Albergo Diffuso in Spain: The Hacienda Zorita (Salamanca)

A little ‘house, a little’ hotel: the innovative recipe of Italian hospitality debuted in the province of Salamanca.

A few houses and small hotels—this is, in short, the winning formula of the Albergo Diffuso, an innovative recipe for Italian tourist accommodation that is now being adopted in Spain. Albergo Diffuso is a new scenario for this tourism model, which the New York Times defined as a “simple but brilliant idea” to save Italian abandoned and depopulated historic towns and villages.

The Albergo Diffuso model, seen as a proposal of “sustainable” hospitality, can enhance the specificity of the Spanish territories and is emerging as a trend model capable of conquering the international stage.

After 14 years of its official debut, with the recognition by the Region of Sardinia, and after having convinced and recognized some 60 structures in Italy that have decided to use this formula to be proposed in the hospitality industry, the idea of the ‘hotel that doesn’t have to be built’ comes to the doors of Arribes del Duero Natural Park, an area renowned for its outstanding natural heritage and its excellent wines.

hotel-Hacienda-Zorita_Albergo Diffuso_Spain


A bet on ‘the “Diffuse Hotel” is done by THE HACIENDAS, a chain of small 5-star hotels spread in the north-western province of Salamanca. His most famous hotel is Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel & Spa, an ancient convent of the Dominicans of Salamanca built over the River Tormes and set in an incomparable natural setting. In recent years, notably since 2009.

The haciendas have pursued a fruitful collaboration with the local governments of the ancient village of Ledesma, a few kilometres from Salamanca, to renovate empty spaces and abandon the town to send them to hospitality tourism.

 The new hotel was supposed to open in June 2012. The distribution of the rooms in various village buildings has meant that the project promoters, such as local authorities, have referred to the new hotel as a “pueblo-hotel.”

The deep affinity between the new structure in Spain and the Italian model of Albergo Diffuso, the deep association between the original construction of the Spanish and the Italian model of hospitality led “THE HACIENDAS” to demand and to obtain recognition of Albergo Diffuso issued by ADI: Albergo Diffuso Association.

Spaces and services included in the project with the name of Albergo Diffuso Hacienda Zorita, are:

 • Casa de Padua (of 1751): 12 villas and suites with private garden and terrace.
• The Wine Alhóndiga ceremonies and banquets. Opening soon
• Abascal House (circa the 1900s) 10 rooms. Opening soon
• Former barracks of the Guardia Civil: 30 rooms + suites and villas. Opening soon
• Gardens for cocktails.

Sara – tourism sector consultant

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