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Sustainable tourism is a transversal topic, this is the main reason why I decided to share more about tourism trends for 2018. The info is provided by The Europe Hotel & Resort.
We are gradually becoming more environmentally conscious in the way we lead our lives, with plastic bag usage decreasing significantly in recent years and people making increasing commitments to recycling.
It’s refreshing to know that people are bringing eco-friendly lifestyle habits abroad with them even during their time off. If you wouldn’t dump a pile of garbage on the street in your hometown, why is it OK to do it in somebody else’s just because you’re on holidays?
Also, there appears to be an uptake in holidays to locations with plenty of natural beauty such as rainforests. By viewing these up close and enjoying wildlife in its natural habitat, people develop a greater appreciation for the animals and plant life that exists in places like Borneo and the Amazon Basin.
This infographic from The Europe Hotel & Resort looks at some of the other travel trends that have been doing the rounds so far in 2018 and could provide inspiration for your next trip!

Consumer Travel Trends for 2018 - sustainable tourism world

A guest blog post from Mary, The Europe Hotel & Resort

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