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´Honoring the efforts of 169 Convention about Indigenous and Tribal people, where the main objective is: the respect and rights of the control of their own institutions, lifestyle, economic developments, strength  the identity and religion[1], we build  a project  where innovate and diversify tourism services through  real experiences and respect in our ethnic communities. builds an alternative tourism product where we includes  and execute Sustainable Tourism Values and Responsible Tourism in our destinations in order to strength not only their quality of life, also the sensation to be proud of their culture too  through interaction with visitors that want  a real and unique experience with the community and nature.

How can we define ethno-tourism?

Those activities that are linked with travelling, where the tourist participate actively and is involved a¨ town¨ or ¨race¨ that articulates  elements of cultural history value, convictions and  daily activities that represent them (Guevara, 2012).

What elements are included on this type of tourism?

Background of
The project born with a Thesis that I wrote when I was finishing my degree on Sustainable Tourism Management on the University for the International Cooperation, the reason that I develop this topic was because it was not  many information about that activities and for me represent a great opportunity on  develop  that topic that can be useful  as an alternative, sustainable tourism product not only in Costa Rica, also in other countries with a rich culture background. started on September 2015 where  we began to build a website that includes general information about this topic, and a map where  is identify ethnic destinations and what they offers, not only in Costa Rica, we are working to include more destination in Latin America  and make a network of  tourism entrepreneurship  on ethnic communities.

Our mission is to be the voice of ethnic and tribal entrepreneur communities that want to promote tourism in their communities on a responsible global market

Our Vision
Being an international organization that educates, supports and promotes sustainable tourism in ethnic and tribal communities

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Our Values:

Once we identify those entrepreneurship that are related with our believes, we proceed to talk to them to invite them to be part of  our project  in order to promote with the objective to potential tourism visit them.

The importance, and, the definition  of ethno-tourism as a  sustainable-responsible tourism product / activity is part of we want to inform to everybody,  and the  correct intercultural change between us and the communities.

SUPPORT, has to be pro-active looking , or,  developing new tourism products bases on our values of sustainability, also,  we have to find the best solution to help those communities  on improve better quality of life., justify those efforts in ethnic communities because there are linked with the statutes created by the International Organizations with the main objective to eradicate social and environmental problems. strongly believes if we support those entrepreneurship we´ll been creating a better opportunities in the future for the ethnic communities and the environment without lose their religion and culture.

An example of Organizations that are related:

Discover Ethnotourism tour: Bríripa Cultural Center

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[1] Legarreta, Gabe…et al (1998), Derechos los Pueblos Indígenas, editorial Vitoria .Gaestiz: Servicio Central de Publicaciones del Gobierno Vazco.