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North Devon's UNESCO Biosphere Reserve river sustainable project

North Devon’s River Torridge Halsdon - Kevin New

News from my past work experience place: North Devon’s UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, sustainable river project.

The river monitoring project was established to check on the health of North Devon’s River Torridge.

A river monitoring project established to check on the health of North Devon’s River Torridge was set up earlier this year; the project now has 34 trained volunteers carrying out regular vital monitoring.

The initiative, known as the Riverfly Partnership, is part of a national project monitoring our rivers’ long-term health and helps pick up on pollution incidents.

The Devon version was set up in the Torridge catchment. It was put in place by the Northern Devon Nature Improvement Area (NIA). So far, it has generated a good deal of local interest.

North Devon’s UNESCO Biosphere Reserve reports that the network of volunteers has been collecting data that provides an invaluable view of water quality in the catchment. So much so that other groups are interested, should funding allow, in taking up Riverfly in the Taw catchment and on Exmoor, and there is also potential to extend the Torridge network by recruiting even more volunteers.

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