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Hello There, today and for the next months I have the pleasure to introduce you to Mkuru Training Camp. I collaborate in Italy with Istituto Oikos and I discovered this beautiful place / project and I am happy to help Oikos to promote it. I am sure you’ll love it too.

Mkuru Training Camp (MTC) is a field station where knowledge and good practices of water, soil, forests, wildlife and energy management are developed and promoted, in collaboration with the Mkuru community, to ensure the long term maintenance of the natural systems and thus a future to local people.

MTC was established in 2003 by Istituto Oikos (Milano, Italy), in collaboration with Oikos East Africa, the University of Insubria (Varese, Italy) and the local authorities and communities, as a base camp and training field station in Northern Tanzania.

It is located in Mkuru subvillage (Uwiro Village), at the foothills of Mount Meru, just outside Arusha National Park, in a strategic position within the complex, fragile and beautiful Meru-Kilimanjaro natural system.

The camp has always offered vocational trainings, literacy courses and awareness raising initiatives with the goal of increasing the local population skills in managing their natural resources and in making a living out of their sustainable use. Three income generating activities in the renewable energy, handicraft and eco-tourism sectors have been started and are currently independently managed by local people, giving employment to about 300 people.

mkuru training Camp sustainable Tanzania Africa

In 2011 Oikos decided to open the MTC facilities to a wider public: Mkuru Training Camp became a nonprofit independent organization engaged in the challenge of bringing people together from all over the world to share and strengthen the Mkuru experience, join forces with the local communities to support their challenging path towards sustainability and spread the main achievements in Tanzania and abroad.

MTC today is a living laboratory and an educational hub open to different communities: local people and foreigners, students, researchers, businesses and public institutions committed to build knowledge, foster innovation and share experiences to guarantee a fair management of the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

Facy to  know more? See Join the camp or contact Mkuru to book your stay.

Interested to contribute to the projects from home? You can donate using a bank transfer, specifying the project you wish to support, please see Ongoing Projects.

Bank details:
Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Via Porpora 104 – 20131 Milano
Istituto Oikos, Onlus bank account
ABI 05696 – CAB 01602 – CIN R
IBAN IT80R0569601602000006906X78

Mkuru Training Camp
Uwiro Village,
P.O. Box 8342,
Arusha Tanzania

For information:
For booking:
Phone number: +255688797314 (Jacobo); +255 686 260020 (Laura)

Have you already been there? I’d love to know about you and your feedback

Sara 🙂

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