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One year after Milano Expo 2015, we are here to talk again about it. “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” slogan based on food sustainability, energies and innovation. So, for this year Expo replies with new projects. 

Expo 2015 Arborvitae

This summer 2016, Expo has a new sustainable meaning: a requalification project, well situated between Rho Fiera and Milan.

The Arexpo, public organisation created to lead the transformation and requalification  of the ex Expo 2015 area, planned a new governance that started the project for this summer, aiming not to leave the expo area empty and useless for many reasons, but basically its maintenance costs around 12 million of Euros per year.Would wastefulness to leave it!

Across this Expo’s “new launch”, Giuseppe Bonomi, Arexpo S.p.a’s MD, wants to promote a great usable area as an equipped urban park to integrate more credibility in public institutions and mainly to value Expo in its transition phase of the major political election. Yet from the 27th of May, Rho Fiera area greets local community, organizations and various categories of events until the 30 September 2016. For this occasion, Regione Lombardia invested 50 million of Euros, settled by food services and trade centre points in it: sport, art and sustainability are three  Arexpo key players. Starting from volleyball to football, from climbing to basket, an open space to athletes and sports people. In this sector maxi-screens for most anticipated events of 2016 such as the UEFA European Championship and the Olympic Games have been installed. Last, but not list… an area of 17.000 square metres is totally devoted to “21st Century. Design after Design” of Triennale and to Planetario vegetable garden for the zero kilometres production and sale point of 150 fruits and vegetables varieties. All that near Children Park and Cardo, a space for playful activities and street food area.

The government, in long term, would create a Human Sciences park, Technopole as the “Città del Sapere” (Knowledge City), coordinated by Genoa’s technological Institute through 150 million of Euros for ten years. Nevertheless, site will include a wider real estate project in proportion to actual Expo. They want to realize the new Milan University Expo 2015 plan, in which will take a place new projectpole with medic and bio-medic research center, agencies, university campus, entertainment and sport activities areas. So all college poles of Università degli Studi di Milano will have to transfer in this place. Building sites will get start between 2017 and 2018, but today they haven’t not yet security about possibility of total university transfer and so students number (that should be 16 millions). Only the Cascina Trivulza project (read more about Cascina Triulza: The Civil society has place in Expo 2015: Cascina Triulza Pavilion) is  confirmed. Involved in Expo 2015 Civic Society Pavilion, now it goes on to develop social innovation park through the creation of a Human Factory with university, society and research institution collaborations. Meanwhile, this farmstead is involved in most of cultural events, in which there is the participation of citizens and tourists.

For all, we have just to wait next year (2017), when the project guidelines will be ready. For five years, Arexpo, the municipality of Milano, the Regione Lombardia and the Ministry of Economy and Finance are shareholder to not break up Milan Expo positivity.  This is a very important opportunity for economy and employment impact.


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