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Expo 2015_Cascina Triulza
Cascina Triulza the origin
This weekend has been very interesting Climate Action March today and yesterday I have visited  the most important fair in Como‬ province for ‪‎no profit‬,‪ social‬ companies and ‪‎sustainability‬ producers: l’Isola che c’è, where there was a meeting with no profit organisation discussing about Expo 2015.


There is in Italy a different reaction to Expo 2015 this is also for the no profit sector. Some organisation has decided not to be involved with Expo (even if they are located in the exhibition location), some other have decided to be involved,  they will be host in a special pavilion, the Civil Society Pavilion.


Expo 2015 will host social enterprises and non-profit organizations in the Civil Society Pavilion, the aim is to develop plans and policies for a Europe that has to be more sustainable from a social and economic point of view.
Expo 2015 Cascina Triulza
This is the first time that a kind of event have a Pavilion dedicated to national and international organizations of Civil Society: Cascina Triulza. With this choice, Milan wants to recognize the important role and contribution of civil society being essential in talking big challenges related to the Planet and Mankind.


The Cascina Triulza is a typical historical architectural structure of the Lombardy region that has been completely restructured. It is an ancient farmhouse which was already standing in that part of the territory where the Exposition Site is built. The farmstead is a symbol of Milan when it was the capital of farming and agriculture. The building has been renovated for Expo Milano 2015 and will be left as a heritage landmark for Milan at the end of the event.
Expo 2015 Cascina Triulza


More info about events & exposition as soon as they will be shared by Expo 2015
stay tuned & let’s keep in touch 🙂