Talking about Italian cruelty free cosmetics,


I have to mention two brands I know very well: L’Erbolario and Bottega Verde.bottegaverde

L’erbolario doesn’t have makeup cosmetics, whereas Bottega Verde does, but they are very cheap and sometimes people tend to think that they are not very good products. Another point about “Bottega Verde” is that there are not many shops selling it: I mean, in the area where I live for example, on lake Como, only near Como there is a shop of Bottega Verde.

It generally also sells throught the internet or door to door and many people don’t trust them to be very good if they sell this way.

L’Erbolario has got amazing cruelty free cosmetics for bath, shower, face and body. I use it and I’d like to suggest it to everybody. I don’t know too much about Bottega Verde on the other hand, makup products especially, so if anyone has got information, please, let me know what you think about. Above all I’d like to know whether or not they commercialize cruelty free cosmetics.

l'erbolario logoAbout others European and Worldwide Cruelty Free Cosmetics I am doing a little research and I found this interesting web site: Go cruelty Free and here it is possible to find organizations that are selling not tested on animals products around the world.

Hope this is interesting also for you!!