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Charity work in India. To lift millions of people out of poverty and to avoid migration to cities, the rural development is of crucial importance; in this regard, the access to energy and the diversification of the economy through sustainable tourism are critical components.

The long- term aim is to use the pilot project to build a working model, which will enable a large-scale expansion across India.

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Interlock telemedicine initiative

Getting medical treatment to the rural areas has always been difficult, to get a doctor to visit has invariably been costly in time and money the lack of infrastructure and electricity roads, accommodation and communication being only some of the possible setbacks. But now with the internet and the application of alternative energy (solar), it is possible to interlock the rural communities with the Urban. We can get doctors to visit the most remote villages ‘virtually’ anywhere we can get sunlight and an internet connection.

All of this is possible now because Interlock has developed solar resources for the setup required for the solar power for community centres with PC and internet connections for webcams and the medical facilities required.

It is proposed to start (1) with a connection from our HQ in Shanti Van with a hospital in Mumbai and another (2) in Bhuj connecting with the Interlock hostel project in Kutch Gujarat state and then the third (3) units in Shevgoan children’s hospital connecting with our projects in Mahratawada.

Each of these units will be established within a cluster consisting of a small school, clinic, and ICT room and with a facility for a paying guest accommodation that will eventually be the sustainable factor for the cluster—the Cluster cash cow.

In the central cluster at the Interlock HQ, there will be a small rural hospitality and catering school where people from the village clusters can be trained to staff their paying guest units. This Catering school will be built in conjunction with a small ecology hotel of 18-25 rooms, developed on a three hector site near to the existing main house at the Interlock centre. This Eco ‘Hotel and Catering College will provide much of the funding required for the expansion of the telemedicine/village development programmes

We intend for the hotel and guest units in the Clusters to be run on a commercial footing so that the telemedicine and village development programmes will have a sustainable and progressive future and not dependant on charity.

Tourism is the driving engine for uplifting the lives of the rural poor and the key to investing in rural development, and the Interlock initiative will make sure that the poor are the primary beneficiaries.


Our priority will be the implementation of a child ‘helpline’ to help prevent the sexual abuse and trafficking of children in rural areas. This project will be making a significant difference in the lives of thousands of helpless children. Now. Not sometime later in the long term but now. We have the technology all that is required is the will to make it happen. 

Thanks, Terrence and  Interlock for sharing your project with us!
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