What can the tourism sector learn from COVID 19?


I doubted a lot whether to share this, my opinions related not to COVID 19 but to the insights that COVID has brought us. I finally think it is time.   PS. I am adding at the end of the article thoughts from the sustainable tourism community as soon as I receive and value them. I […]

Global Eco Conference Heads to Margaret River in December 2020 – Sustainable Tourism News


Today I am happy to share with you this important news of  Sustainable Tourism: Ecotourism Australia’s 28th annual Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference will be held in Margaret River, Western Australia from 1 – 3 December 2020. The event – the world’s longest-running ecotourism conference – was last held in Western Australia, specifically Rottnest Island, in […]

From Refill Not Landfill Project to Refill Elba by ECO-2MD

Refill Not Landfill Project

The increased awareness of our global environmental crisis leads the world to realize the importance of sustainability and the role that each person plays in the protection of our environment. Today I am introducing you “Refill Not Landfill” campaign developed in Asia. I had the pleasure to meet with Matteo, the Sustainability Coordinator at Easia Travel […]

3 sustainable gifts ideas

WayCap capsule - sustainable gifts ideas

Hello, today I am happy to share with you 3 sustainable gifts ideas after my celebration time for Christmas. Our family is expanding, there are few children now, I think is perfect to celebrate Christmas for them, reserving the presents and gifts to them, but my family always surprises me, also this time! I received too […]

Living a zero waste even with a RV lifestyle

zero-waste RV lifestyle

Years ago, I  wrote this piece about the zero-waste program in the US and San Franciso in particular. I have been recently contacted by Jacky, Editor at Your RV Lifestyle. She found the article interesting and wanted to see if we could collaborate in any way. I thought this was a fantastic opportunity to learn and to […]

UNWTO and the ONCE Foundation Seek Best Accessible Destinations

The first edition of the “Accessible Tourism Destination” (ATD) distinctions, which will recognize and promote sites that are accessible to all has been launched this summer by UNWTO and Fundación ONCE. The aim is to publicize locations “that make an important effort so that their destination can be enjoyed by any tourist, regardless of their physical, sensory […]

Sustainable Tourism News: the 27th Ecotourism Australia Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference

Global Eco Asia Pacific Conference_Ecotourism Australia

Sustainable Tourism World News: Congratulations to Cairns Pullman Reef Hotel and Convention Centre to host Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference. Ecotourism Australia’s 27th annual Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference will be staged at the Pullman Reef Hotel and Convention Centre in Cairns in December. The Global Eco Conference, which will this year be built around the […]

Who is the Hotel Guest of 2020? [Infographic]

Who-is-the-hotel-guest-of-2020-infographic Banner STouW

While my professional experience within the hospitality sector has just started with Hotel Loveno in Lake Como, I am happy to share other colleague’s experience and statistics.  The basic premise of hospitality is the same as it ever was – book into a room for a set number of nights, with varying levels of service […]

Sustainable tourism world news: A toolbox to tackle waste issues in tourism and events


Sustainable tourism world news: A toolbox to tackle waste issues in tourism and events Makesense and SUEZ are the companies responsible for the project Future of waste and the 2018 Wasteless Journeys campaign with a focus on managing waste in tourism and events (hotels, hostels, campsites, restaurants, festivals, conferences, congresses, sports, cultural and artistic events). […]

Sustainable Tourism News: Ecotourism Australia partners with the WTO of the United Nations

Ecotourism Australia

Sustainable Tourism World News: congratulations to the colleagues at Ecotourism Australia. Just announced the partnership with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The work of colleagues always inspires and motivate me. I can see the still long path I and Italian colleagues have ahead to achieve similar results, but it also shows me the possibilities we have in front of […]