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Accessible and sustainable tourism

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Hello! Today I am going to write about a vital topic: inclusive and accessible tourism. Let me introduce myself, and we’ll start right away with 3 essential things to know!  My name is Sara, I am a tourism consultant, and on this website, I talk about tourism, sustainability, theory and practices to become a more […]

Ecotourism and sustainable tourism

Hi! Yes, the time has come for me to talk about ecotourism and sustainable tourism. Does this topic interest you? Then read on so that in the end you will know how to recognise one or the other immediately! My name is Sara, I am a tourism consultant, and on this website, I talk about […]

Sustainable Tourism News: Ecotourism Australia Global Eco conference| 2020 Review

Ciao! I am back sharing news from one of my favourite destinations and places worldwide. Also, the update is from one of my favourite organisation of sustainable tourism sector: Ecotourism Australia. Without further ado please read and enjoy the conference review. “2020 has proven a critical time for the tourism industry. With the massive disruption […]

Sustainable tourism definition: 3 common mistakes

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For some years now, we have heard more and more about sustainable tourism. There are many hypotheses about the meaning of this concept, and many projects start with this justification. Do you want to know what we are talking about? I am Sara and today I am going to present to you the three main […]

How was the 2020 tourist season?

I try to give some suggestions to deal with this uncertain moment by drawing on my experiences in tourism in this particular season of 2020. In this article I speak of: changes in the tourism market; gaps and needs of some operators; how my activities are reacting; a small positive side also in this situation. […]