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Welcome to the Dyfi Unesco Biosphere Reserve, a very special and beautiful place in the heart of Wales, United Kingdom. “Biosffer Dyfi Biosphere” is a bilingual title – Welsh and English.

Darowen Dyfi Biosphere Reserve UNESCO

The area around the river Dyfi is a special place to live, work and to visit – special for its people, its culture and its outstanding environment.

The Dyfi Valley is home to Wales‘ first new style world-class UNESCO Biosphere – a special place where conservation and sustainable development go hand in hand.

So much of the area’s economy is connected with the quality of our environment. It is critical that the landowners and business community alike play a part in the Biosphere so that towns, villages and surrounding countryside develop in ways that benefit our future quality of life and happiness.

They want everyone with a connection to the area – including residents, visitors, business owners and local organisations – to have their say on the future development of the Biosphere. So explore the site and get involved!

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