Sustainable Tourism WOrld

My name is Sara,

I am a consultant for tour operators and non-profit organisations.

Here I talk about sustainable tourism, sustainability and tourism strategy.

My mission is to help tour operators, organisations, and destinations grow by making a positive impact without requiring huge investments through training and consultancy.

Sustainable Tourism World


Built to stay linked to the topic just after graduation in 2011, became a platform to keep in contact with the people working in this sector.

The website is a platform where workers, students and interested people can introduce themselves, write about their work/school experience, give access to others’ experiences and keep in touch with like-minded people.

It is also the place where I share my experience & toughs sometimes…
I hope it will inspire others to share the
approach and make the world a better place while working in tourism or travelling. 

Feel free to contact me to share your projects, ideas,
and requests! I will be happy to help you if I have the competencies.

If not, it will be a pleasure to exchange experiences and ideas, but case studies are also very interesting!


My mission is to help you grow your business by making a positive impact through training and consultancy.


My activity in Italian, check my website or my linkedin account (Sara Vitali). Click the title to open the link.

my portfolio

I have extensive experience in the interaction between sustainability and market. Discover some of my past clients and works. Click the title to open the link.

Projects I like

I am so lucky that I met many engaging colleagues and projects in my personal and professional life. Here I share some of them. Click the title to open the page.