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While my professional experience within the hospitality sector has just started with Hotel Loveno in Lake Como, I am happy to share other colleague’s experience and statistics. 

The basic premise of hospitality is the same as it ever was – book into a room for a set number of nights, with varying levels of service depending on the nature of the accommodation. However, the expectations of guests, and what we have come to expect as standard, has changed massively in recent years. The days of a hotel being considered a mere bed for the night are over. The modern hotel guest expects a high quality of service across every part of their stay from check-in through to check-out.

This infographic from Ard na Sidhe Country House picks out a few of the trends that define ‘the hotel guest of 2020’. In addition to what is featured in the graphic, we could also add to the list that the contemporary guest expects hotels to practise sustainability in as many forms as possible. For instance, the furnishings within a room could be produced from recycled or reclaimed timber, while guests might be selective about where they place towels after showering or bathing so that laundry is kept to a minimum and the hotel’s carbon footprint is reduced.

One of the standout modern hotel trends is the rise of the ‘smart room’, namely one with a range of nanotechnological features. This could include the level and even the color of lighting, so guests might choose to use as little light as possible so that less energy is consumed. Also, some hotels now give guests massive autonomy over the menus, which could prompt eco-conscious guests to favor natural foods instead of meat products that consume massive amounts of water in their production.

If you’d like to read more about these modern guest trends, then check out the infographic below and consider how you can make your next hotel stay a more eco-friendly one.

Who is the hotel guest of 2020 infographic

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  1. Hi, I have been reading your newsletters since a few months back. I have got interested to work in the field of sustainable tourism development program in your country and implement the same in my country too after getting experience.
    Hope, you would give me an opportunity

    Anil K