Living a zero waste even with a RV lifestyle

zero-waste RV lifestyle

Years ago, I  wrote this piece about the zero-waste program in the US and San Franciso in particular. I have been recently contacted by Jacky, Editor at Your RV Lifestyle. She found the article interesting and wanted to see if we could collaborate in any way. I thought this was a fantastic opportunity to learn and to […]

Zero waste, from the US to the world

reduce- reuse - recycle sustainable US

Zero wate, from the US to the world Some Americans experts suggest encouraging Zero Waste lifestyles. Although this article first appeared a few years ago, the issue of waste is still very relevant to the discussion of sustainable living. Eric Lombardi, executive director at EcoCycle, reports “Each American creates about a ton of garbage every […]

The Zero Waste Program: San Francisco

Sustainable San_Francisco zero waste program

The Zero Waste Program is a non-profit organization designed to promote tools, practices, and city policy to reduce toxins and waste in San Francisco. This program assists San Franciscan businesses, city government, and universities, such as the University of San Francisco and San Francisco State University, in creating sustainable solutions for our environment. Imagine a world in which nothing goes to the landfills or […]