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Ilfracombe, North Devon Biosphere Reserve, UK

Ilfracombe - North Devon Biosphere Reserve

Ilfracombe, North Devon Biosphere Reserve, UK. A lovely town where I found also the North Devon Coast Challenge! Ilfracombe’s superb setting amidst the cliffs helped this important medieval port develop into North Devon’s leading  Victorian resort.  Centred on its beautiful harbour, where fishing boats mingle with yachts and smaller pleasure craft, Ilfracombe is predominantly Victorian in […]

Brunton Burrows the core of the North Devon Biosphere Reserve

Brunton Burrows-north devon biophere reserve (5)

Hi everybody from Brunton Burrows the core of the North Devon UNESCO  Biosphere Reserve, it is one of the largest and most impressive sand dune systems, covering 970 hectares (2328 acres). From spring to early autumn it has a continuous succession of flowering plants, over 600 species including a delightful range of orchids. The  Burrows’s […]

North Devon Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO), UK

sustainable tourism - north devon biosphere reserve Croyde bay

Here you are where I am right now!! I am working as a sustainable tourism consultant at the North Devon Biosphere Reserve!! Can’t wait to let you know about this amazing experience I’ve started one week ago!! The only thing I can say now is to have a look at the link and discover an amazing […]

Sustainable tourism in Menorca, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Sustainable Tourism in Menorca - Biosphere Reserve - Lighthouse

Sustainable tourism in Menorca, one of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves     Last summer I visited Menorca island. While looking for information I found out that this small Balearic island is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. I really liked it, and I would like to tell you more! I need to improve and add information, and if you want to […]