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Carbone negative travel: Around the World in a sustainable way with Solar Impulse 2

Solar Impulse 2

 It seemed to be possible only in science fiction stories, instead, to travel on a sustainable aircraft powered by alone solar energy it’s feasible today. I am talking about the Solar Impulse 2 model, an aircraft perfected after many years of engineering studies. Fascinated by the hard work to realize it and by its environmental effects maybe one day […]

What is Carbon Negative? How sustainable tourism can be related to it?

carbone negative travel - Ecoliner201307

New Year & New subject for Sustainable Tourism World: carbon negative travel with David Haaren, instigator from the Sail Transport Network (Vermont). David follows sustainable tourism world from the very beginning in 2012 and wants to collaborate with others interested in developing carbon-negative shipping for travel and freight. I am very fascinated about carbon negative concept and […]