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It has been a while since last post on Sustainable Tourism World,

today I am going to share with you the latest project of a change makers we already met, Albert Kahai Founder and Director of Hurumia Watoto Charity, an organisation focusing on mobilizing and strengthening communities to urgently support the basic needs of widows, women, young females and children in Tanzania, Africa. Read more  about Hurumia Watoto and discover the vocational traning in ICT for women developed by the charity.

I found this last project worth it your attention and support, if you can, as all the projects from Hurumia Watoto, this is why after 3 years Albert and I virtually met I am still happy to share with you news from the charity.

In 2016, Albert has had the idea of creating a kindergarten for children between 2 and 5 years old, at Mafinga, on the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, he gave it the name of “Kindergarten of Joy”. More details can be read in the foundraising page Fabienne created for the project

The reason behind the idea is the costs of education, such as the costs of uniforms and fees, exclude the poorest children and contribute to higher drop-out and absenteeism rates. Also, the existing infrastructure is not sufficient for quality education. One of Albert’s goal is, with the money he get’s from the parents paying fees, is to have more classes to be able to welcome kids from the streets, orphans and/or abandonned by their parents and give them the opportunity to learn in a proper environment.

Albert has been renting two tiny and uncomfortable rooms in a house where the landlord is living, making his idea real. The growing number of children willing to learn, from 6 in 2016 to 29 up to now makes the class chaotic and uneasy to have a satisfactory teaching.

Kindergarten of joy - room - sustainable tourism world community

The results are already good, the kids learn how to read, write, count in English, kiswahili being the main language spoken, english language being taught by the end of Primary schools. They also learn how to draw, paint, sing, and how to improve some of their behaviour.

Fabienne (a French volunteer in Tanzania) joined Albert, they made plans to improve the space and the activities for the children, for example they intend to  provide computer, art and workcraft classes, outside activities like having a small vegetable garden for educational purposes.  They also have temporary solutions for problems affecting the building of the first 2 rooms of the “Kindergarten of Joy”.
More details can be read in the foundraising page Fabienne created for the project

Albert asked for a quote from a local Head Fundi (expert in building houses), to build two classes (as a start) for the Kindergarten of Joy.
The donations would be used for the following items:
$100 can buy rocks ( 2 truckload) .
$50 can buy sand( 1 truckload)
$35 can by 1 window grille
$25 can buy 10, 4*2 woods
$20 can buy 4 iron roofing sheets
$10 can buy 2 bag of cement in Tanzania .

The quotation in details for what is needed to build two classrooms for the ”Kindergarten of Joy”  is written in the foundraising page Fabienne created for the project.

I personally would love to contribute to this project as much as possible and while I have to wait for the donation, I hope sharing the project through the Sustainable Tourism World community will help give supports. I’d love to visit the projects too, one day!




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