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Sustainable Expo first visit to Expo 2015 – positive aspects

My visit at Expo 2015 in June gave me also some surprise and the desire to discover more what some of the countries are doing:

Austria and its Breath. 62.5 kg of fresh oxygen produced per hour. Main feature of breathe is the air. Inside the miniature of the Austrian wood offer a sensorial experience of a cleaner world. Maybe this is not the most engaging pavilion but the message is clear, simple and understandable. I appreciated also their kitchen corner with recipes from the forest.

Monaco has eleven interactive exhibition stations inside an architecture made of shipping containers. A meeting point, open and green, with Mediterranean plants and a rainwater-collection system. Project by Enrico Pollini. This pavilion is one of the most focused, simple but with important elements to connect sustainability and the geography of Monaco.

Monaco Pavilion Expo 2015

Netherlands has a bright and colourful pavilion. It is the only open pavilion at the Expo – without a waiting-line and without a block to enter the premises.

An important component are the so called “rolling kitchens” – which are 9 different food-trucks, entrepreneurs from the Netherlands with each their own and unique product and story.

The overall theme is Share, develop, grow, live. The message is clearly expressed showing how Netherlanders are working together to obtain their objectives:

  1. Share. Solutions to global challenges require local, national and international collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and natural resources.
  2. Grow. Feeding 9 billion people in 2050 in a safe and comfortable environment requires growth by way of innovation and investment.
  3. Live. Mankind’s main objective is to improve our quality of life.

Read more about Netherland at Expo 2015

Pavilion Zero where I found interesting ways to express our need to change priority and one of projects developed by Oikos in Myanmar (read more).

expo 2015 positive oikos project

Gabon is in Expo 2015 with a small room hosted in the chocolate cluster area. This is one of the most interesting stand of the cluters area because it is showing at least a side of the country.

Green Gabon or Gabon Vert (in French) pillar is based on developing the “green oil” that Gabon ecosystem provides: 22 million hectares of forest, 1 million hectares of arable agricultural land and over 800 kilometers of coastline. Development projects are must involve sustainability developing natural resources and adhering to national ecological standards. National Parks, forestry, ecotourism and agriculture are all elements of the main paths to implement the Gabon Vert strategy. – See more at:

The Gabon vert is included in a wider program to lead the development of the Gabon. The Emerging Gabon consists of three pillars: Green Gabon , Industrial Gabon and Gabon services . These three pillars provide the structure through which the Gabon will achieve their goals , favoring a diversified approach, more about Emerging Gabon (in French).  

Gabon pavilion - Gabon Vert Expo 2015

Biodiversity should have been the core of the activities of Expo 2015, instead when I visited it, it was empty!  I found interesting in particular the exhibition on biodiversity that has been developed by the Scientific Committee made up from University of Milan’s Faculty of Agriculture, in collaboration with the faculties of the Universities of Padova and Bologna. I want to go back, visit again this area and see if I can join a guided tour, last time only one of the stand caught my attention, it was a wildlife and forestry organisation where a member of the stuff explained us how they monitor wild animals across Italy, the bear in particular.

EU Pavilion shows a movie for children about how tradition and science can work together. They also have a small exhibition about the topics developed through the movie: science, farm, cooperation and the Nobel Peace Prize. Discover more about The EU Pavilion.

EU Pavilion Expo 2015

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the best has yet to come!
Discover what I considered negative at Expo 2015


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