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Hi there,
In June a went to Expo 2015, the place is huge, the visit was interesting, even if I did not feel the message feeding the planet energy for life shared in a proper way in the most of the pavilions I have visited.

Please consider every Pavilion has the right and due to chose what to say and how to say it, so I just would expect many more countries in the world give importance to some of what I consider the basics:

For example biodiversity and biodiversity conservation, local agriculture and food, how to solve the world hunger one person a time, what the countries are doing to stop it (which projects and programmes are developing, which are just starting or what is already done).

In general I found much more attention to fine food and recipes, cooking contest and shows, only little free tasting and many advertisements.

I don’t like to judge, but in some of the pavilions such as:
Angola, Slovenia, Russia, US, Israel I had doubt I was at the BIT (or in another European Tourism Fair, perhaps in the rural tourism sector corner instead of at the Expo 2015. I was not interested to cue & visit the Italian Pavillion because all I heard from it is just chefs shows, food contest ect. I will visit it during the evening next time I’ll go to Expo 2015.

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Some days ago, I also though about what if Expo 2015 would open and feed the emigrants the are in Italy waiting to pass to go to North Europe? The idea seemed absurd but is not the title of the Expo 2015 “Feeding the World, Energy for life“?


Stay tuned,
soon I’ll share the positive aspects of Expo 2015

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