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Is the Sharing Economy born first or is the desire of people to live like local that has brought the Sharing Economy into tourism sector?

According to the smarter travel article “How the sharing economy opens new doors for travelers”  not only the concept of home sharing is not new, but it has started very successful examples of business, like the pre internet business in 1992, HomeExchange a house-swapping service has been connecting traveling homeowners for decades.

I agree with this statement from the same article: “Staying in someone’s home—as opposed to booking a hotel—can make a vacation more affordable and add convenience, both in terms of perks and personal interactions. Kushins says, “You can save on food bills by not eating at a restaurant for every meal, and there are no early check-in or checkout rules; plus you get personal instructions and accommodations and get to meet people, often friends of the exchange partner”.

Share a ride, share a meal, share an experience  are nowadays the keywords and life motif of what is considered best tourist experience. The tourists know what makes the difference in every experience. The difference is always the people you meet, the people you speak to, the people whom you learn from.

In conclusion, there are several factors that have made and make the Sharing Economy completely in line with the travelers needs, the most important:

economic reasons,

–  a less active local social life in general due to the huge growth of new technologies and

– the opportunity to expand the boundaries through a “virtual” social life: the new technologies in fact allow people to  know, meet and keep contact  with others from different cultures, all over the world.

We are used to travel and to be in contact with people from other countries for work, school, friendship or simply because they are in the news everyday. The most of the people want to know everything about their culture, see where they live and how it is to live their life, at the less expensive price.

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