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Hello everybody,
after a while thinking about what to give to my loved ones, I have decided to share few responsible and sustainable Christmas gifts ideas.

Let me say, the best present ever is always to give time to your family & friends, making cookies for example, but in case you need some other ideas keep reading. 🙂

sustainable Christmas tree - responsible and sustainable gift ideas



Speaking about sustainable gifts ideas I consider also a very important sustainability: economic. The ideas are for every kind of budget.

A nice gift could be an homemade pot or frame, made with recycle material or a cream from a cruelty free brand, l’Erbolario for example in Italy. This would be around 20€ – 25€.

In case your budget is a bit higher, around 50€, there are more options: a lovely bath set from a cruelty free brand, an artisan cake or dessert ( helping also the local economy), a ticket for a dance/ theater performance (supporting the artists) or a day out visiting a town nearby (museums, churches and a walking tour guided – with local people if possible, such as the Big Apple greeter in New York or Brisbane greeters).

A luxury idea could be a weekend out, stay in B&B and take the train to reach your destinations, remember to stay to accommodation provided by locals, instead of an international company to help the local economy. This is my favourite one!!

Stay tuned the best is yet to come
Sara :)