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Jordan is a small kingdom in the center of Middle-East. It is a peaceful and well managed country. It has been relatively recently constituted out of the geopolitical circumstances of its surrounding, but became with time a pole of stability in the region.

If we let aside the fact that Jordan is continuously affected in its economy by the regional events, we can say that it experiments a dynamic development. The authorities succeeded in carrying the boat out of the pitfalls of the surrounding troubles and keep on modernizing and bettering many aspects of the country. The young civil society is more and more aware of the potential we can find in Jordan, the different values and positive sides of it, the importance to care about social, cultural and environmental issues. Indeed, many good and forward-thinking initiatives are emerging and I find this phenomena particularly interesting, in a society which search its path between traditions and modernity.

Jordan Solidarity development

Jordan is also interesting for the variety of the landscapes, starting from the tropical Jordan Valley on the western side, passing by the Mediterranean woody hills, and then ending with stepped area and deserts on the eastern side. The black desert of the East has nothing to compare with the southern Wadi Rum desert, and the sands of the wadi Araba seem to be so far from the richly cultivated Jordan Valley, even if both are parts of the Rift Valley. The population of each area has its own specificity and culture, its own origins also. Jordan is never homogeneous, this is one of the wealth of this country.

Jordan Solidarity country with dynamic development

In my opinion, it is much more enjoying and attractive to visit and even to stay in the countryside instead of the capital. Amman became a huge city, and we can say that it is now the main capital of all Middle East area. It is a hub for international organizations, diplomacy and business. It is also a city which swells with each refugees wave, every time the region is damaged by new troubles. The traffic chokes the town by its density and pollution, and Amman starts to experiment some social problems known in the western large cities. It is definitely more relaxing the go out and discover the traditional life of the villagers and desert dwellers, who always welcome you with large smiles and share with you what they have.

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