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Flip and grow (Gira e Coltiva) the first italian farm tour – Love4Globe project

Flip&GrowSilvia e TotiI am happy to introduce you a couple: Silvia and Toti, Silvia is my university colleague and she has very interesting ideas about sustainable tourism, biological products and how to be volunteers and to learn very much travelling and helping.

Love4Globe born from the desire to Silvia and Toti, who have had a number of years spent abroad and a long trip to volunteer in Central America, to be able to inform and sensitize the younger generation needs to become protagonists of a possible change, arising from actions daily alert and aware for a greener planet and supportive.

They travelled in 2012 around Italy realizing the project Flip&Grow (Gira e Coltiva)

This is the ” farmer first tour to discover the values and lost jobs “, a project that will travel again with Silvia and Toti backpackers to experience the everyday reality of the most emblematic Italian peasant.

The trip lasted about 6 months and Silvia and Toti worked as volunteers to give their contribution to the defence and enhancing the local agriculture.

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This is not the last decades of industrialized agriculture, but agriculture as a natural time in which the natural cycles and centuries-old traditions are still alive. We like to call ” agroecology “, ie agriculture that respects the dynamics of nature and to reduce wastage in favour of sustainable development from field to consumer.

Love 4 Globe has evolved, Silvia and Toti now run TerraAmore in beautiful Abruzzo (in Italy)

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