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Sustainable Expo 2015 logoExpo 2015 News about sustainability. The Sustainable‬ side of Expo2015‬: sustainability and sustainable tourism‬ are not only words.
Less than one year and the Universal Exposition will start in Milan.  As usual, some issues need to be solved, but I would like at least tell you the current situation.
A vast number of meetings have been organised, and many more are going to come to Milan and surrounded areas such as Como, Lecco, Erba but not only.
In Italy, Expo fever is started, but while I was looking for information related to the Expo, I found some unexpected data. In essence, there are around 110.000 researches for the keyword ‘expo’ and 60.500 for the ‘expo 2015’ monthly world wide.

This is not exactly what I was expecting to find considering the importance of the event and its theme.

This is the reason why I want to give you some information about the Expo.
All the participants can be discovered here
There will be pavilions for each state but not only, but the theme is also Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life and agriculture, energy, digital connection and sustainability are the most relevant keywords, the ones are leading all the event.
From the Pinterest official profile, there are updates about the pavilions. The information available is from Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brasil, Cile, China, Czech Republic, EU, Estonia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Moldavia, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, (USA) the United States of America and (UAE) the United Arab Emirates.

The most interesting pavilions related to sustainability‬ are currently: Austria, Israel, Monaco and Switzerland.

Austria is going to present Breath. 62.5 kg of fresh oxygen produced per hour. The main feature of Breath will be air. Inside, a miniature Austrian wood will offer a sensorial experience of a cleaner world—concept and project by Klaus K. Leonhart, the Terrain team. With Breath, Austria is making an incisive contribution to the theme. Breathe highlights the No.1 source of nourishment and one of the essential resources for an international audience: AIR. Architecture, Nature, Culture and Research are brought together to offer the visitor a personal experience.

Israel will bring experience and knowledge about agriculture. Two thousand three hundred seventy square meters, a vertical garden, recycled materials. Project by David Knafo and inspired by the distinctive aspect of Israel’s agricultural production, the pavilion will present the theme “The Field of tomorrow”.

Monaco will have Eleven interactive exhibition stations inside an architecture made of shipping containers. A meeting point, open and green, with Mediterranean plants and a rainwater collection system. Project by Enrico Pollini.

Switzerland will educate the audience through Five towers provided with local products available for everyone, and they are going to encouraged people to reflect on its consumption patterns. It is “Confederation Helvetica”, the Swiss Pavilion designed by Brugg-based Netwerch firm

There will also be food clusters representing cereals and tubers, chocolate, coffee, fruits and legumes, Island (ocean and sea), rice and spices with dedicated pavilions and a couple of pavilions dedicated to specific topics, such as Biodiversity and Pavilion Zero (a scenic exhibition where to discover the millennial relationship between man and nature).
As sustainable tourism expert, I cannot avoid trying to help visitors and residents to find the real, sustainable side of Expo 2015 (food producers, accommodation and services providers that regular channels don’t know or don’t consider, experience to do only with residents and stories to listen to only from local people) because many providers are working hard on this field and nobody seems willing to promote them.
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