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Africa nomads conservation – an environmental conservation organisation


Africa Nomads Conservation was started 2013 by three University students (Santonian (environmental engineer 4th year 22 year), Kennedy Mwaura (civil engineering 4th year 22 years), Stephen Lemaron (22 years) from University of Nairobi (Kenya). The Africa Nomads Conservation is an environmental conservation humanitarian org that brings together Nomadic and Pastoralist Community towards sustainable ecological Conservation and key goal fighting poverty amongst other things. We are University students to change our community in Africa positively through environmental Conservation towards creating a sustainable community free from hunger and Disease. We achieve this through coordinating ourselves amongst those who are on holiday to take part towards coming up with local initiatives Like planting trees, creating an environmental conference addressing issues of Climate change, wildlife conservation etc.


Currently, together with our chairperson ( Santosian), we are holding a million trees for Kenya project, which looks forward to addressing the issue of biodiversity conservation. In essence, in achieving this, we in cooperate and formulate Environmental clubs globally in sch0ols and villages too. Also, every end of the year we hold a program named FOOD WEEK which usually takes place from 22 DEC- 2 Jan. here we visit the disadvantage families, we provide the little we can and give some training on FGM for the case of Nomads community and bring to their attention the importance of Education for both children: boy and the girl child. It’s through this platform we are able also to give hope for those who were almost about to give up in life. Our founder (Santosian) starting this org, didn’t limit this chance for three of us. Still, he extended the favour to all university students in Kenya and Africa to be in the front line towards transforming our community rather than our youths been in the universities been the trouble makers. We, therefore, call upon your collaboration as an institution, individual or and org to join our hands towards Conservation for sustainable communities here in Kenya and Africa too. How did Africa Nomads Conservation came into been and what drive to the establishment of this organisation!

Nomadic areas in Kenya have always been an arid, peopled by more than three million nomads because agricultural cultivation is challenging. Due to the effects of climate change, the intervals between drought catastrophes in the region are growing shorter. In the 1970s there were around ten years between droughts, and by the 80s this had already shortened to 5 years. Today, droughts are recorded every two to three years. In 2009 roughly 80 per cent of Kenyan nomad livestock was destroyed. As a result: nomads are forced to sell their dying livestock. The high number of distress sales has led to a dramatic drop in prices so that the proceeds do not ensure the herdsmen’s survival.

There is an urgent need for animal feed, and sales of livestock must be subsidised to ensure that the herdsmen do not become entirely dependent on international food aid. According to statistics, drought also caused an increase in disputes among nomads, as well as between nomads and farmers, competing for access to wells and pasture land. At least 121 people have been killed in these conflicts since January 2011 in northern Kenya and other areas. This had almost doubled the number of such deaths in comparison to the same period last year, when 68 were killed in the period from January to May 2010. The very existence of three million nomads in Kenya has acutely threatened in some areas the lives of up to 80 per cent of the population are endangered.” According to authorities, more than 80,000 people in the Ganze region are facing starvation, including 40,000 of the 50,000 inhabitants of the Bamba district. Their lives are in grave danger. The most severely affected are the elderly and children under the age of five. Many of the schools that offer meals are experiencing massive onslaughts, as families become unable to feed their children. When nomads have to march for as long as 10 hours to find water for their livestock, the situation is difficult, and many herders are living on wild fruits as their herds grow weaker. The nomads are in urgent need of more aid for themselves and their animals. Who is there to help them? Who is there on their side and their animals? As Africa Nomads Conservation, we take into our heart to run the furthest mile we can to create a conducive living condition for these people and the environment of Kenya. We work in the following dry-lands counties: Turkana, Kajiado, Narok, Garissa, and Moyale.

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