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Sustainable Tourism in Italy: the 3 best


Today I thought I would share my favourites, 3 representatives of sustainable tourism in Italy. I am an operator. That’s true, but that doesn’t stop me from also being a crazy lover of travel and discovery! Be sure to read all the way to the end so you don’t miss a single one. I have […]

Sustainable tourism world news: A toolbox to tackle waste issues in tourism and events


Sustainable tourism world news: A toolbox to tackle waste issues in tourism and events Makesense and SUEZ are the companies responsible for the project Future of waste and the 2018 Wasteless Journeys campaign with a focus on managing waste in tourism and events (hotels, hostels, campsites, restaurants, festivals, conferences, congresses, sports, cultural and artistic events). […]

Sailors for Sustainability – sustainable solutions in United Kingdom

Totnes - sailors for sustainability

Welcome back to Sailor for Sustainability. If you don’t know them yet, please read who they are here! Right now they are back in the Netherlands presenting the first two years of their sailing trip around the world in search of sustainable solutions. Today I would like to share with you their experience in the United Kingdon […]

Bhutan is the World’s Only Carbon Negative Country – How is possible?

Paro,_Bhutan, Carbone negative - sustainable tourism world

Inspired by the National Geographic travel’s article from October 2017 “Visit the World’s Only Carbon Negative Country” I did a bit of research and I discovered interesting aspects not so well highlighted in the article (in my opinion). I found some information in this article by Climate action. and others listed in the source list. […]

Bwindi: Local economic development through gorilla sustainable tourism


Often I have colleagues and students asking for practical examples and practices of sustainable tourism. This time I want to give you all the opportunity to get involved with a project. (click to download the project flyer) During World Travel Market in London (November 2017) I attended  the presentation of this interesting project explaining the […]