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Carolina Oro
Carolina Oro

I was born in Argentina but I have had the opportunity to live in different countries. This has allowed me to develop a passion for intercultural dialogue and to see our world as our homeland. Together with my gender, this has became the most vital element of my identity.

Ever since I was child, I felt a strong curiosity for human subjectivity and philosophy. I studied psychology in Argentina and in the UK. I graduated from the University of East London in 2004 with a BSc Hons degree. My thesis explored empathy and mirror neurons and I’m continuing my education in Italy.

In 2005, I discovered Biodanza – Rolando Toro System – that soon became one of my main passions. After a 3-year training programme at the Scuola Modello di Biodanza in Milan, I’ve become a teacher myself. Through my work as a Biodanza facilitator, I aim to increase our awareness of interconnectedness and promote an empathic way of living.

I’m deeply interested in knowing more about the potential of our consciousness from a scientific point of view, particularly in terms of neurosciences. I’m currently continuing my education, following the programmes offered by the Institute of Noetic Sciences and other Italian and International Institutes dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness.

During my university years, I had the chance to read Women’s studies, which are now known as Gender studies. In 2007, together with my friend Enrica Cavina, I founded the Gents de Yilania Foundation which promotes a culture of collaboration and partnership between genders by creating social, cultural and artistic events.

Since 2007, I’ve dedicated much of my time and energy to creating collective spaces for growth and to developing a community project based on permacultural principles and aimed at becoming a centre for holistic and sustainable studies promoted by the Ten Thousand Beings Association.