Sustainable Tourism World_Lake Como Cycle map

Hey everybody today I would like tell you about an interesting example of renovation, how it is possible to increase sustainable tourism without building anything new.

Which is the aim of this project between Lake of Como and Lake of Lugano (Italy). It has been developed by the mountain community of the territory.

Originally built to attract more tourists from northern Europe to the area of the Ticino and the Lombard pre-Alps, the Railway of the Three Lakes (Lake Como, Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore) underwent a radical transformation in the wake of World War I.

Formerly the core of a transport network which crossed national borders and was firmly placed within an international circuit of of luxury tourism, it become a simple working –class transit system serving the area between Lake Como, also known as Lario, and Ceresio.

The loyal local passangers who had to accept their railway’s “downgrade” kept calling it “the Three Lakes’ ” and would gladly point out that, geographically speaking, small Lake Piano, being located halfway along the route between Lario and Ceresio, could to all intents be considered the third lake!

Now the works to turn the railway line into a pedestrian and cyclist route are finished. This new itinerary let residents and visitors to move around and discover the Menaggio valley in a very ecological manner.

If you like to discover a little bit more this interesting land it is easy to go off-track and to find little towns around, the ones were only connected by the Railway between 1884 and 1939.

Porlezza – (Rezzo Bridge) – Tavordo – ( Cuccio Bridge)- San Pietro Sovera – Piano Porlezza – Bene Lario Grona – (state road) – Grandola – (tunnel) – (Funtanin Bridge) – (regression) – Menaggio

Are you are interested in knowing more about this beautiful places?
Very well then: stay tuned!