Are you wondering how is possible to help me and this project?

writing posts or suggesting subjects I can write about (Andy and Martina, for example, suggested me to write a post about ecomuseum and gave me some papers to read and review and published. So you’ll see a post about Ecomuseum ūüôā )

sharing your thesis abstract to be published here and let people ask you about it ( Like Nicola and Ilaria, have a look at dissertations page)

introducing here projects interesting for you (Albergo Diffuso is very interesting to me for example but I would like to know what is interesting for YOU)

introducing here projects you like to develop, we can try to do it (the website itself is my first project)

sharing information about how to obtain funds, contest whom the website can attend

Рoffering jobs/volunteer opportunity related to ecotourism, sustainable tourism planning, eco/sustainable/responsible tourism marketing and web marketing and renewable energy.

– offering volunteer opportunity in an interesting context and related with STW subject- promoting STW on your website with a link exchange

– make a donation to maintain ad improve the website (a PayPal donation button is on)

– sponsoring and became friends of the website.

STW Dyfi biosphere reserve - lamb

Are you interested to know more?
Ask  #STouW by Sara Vitali about: 

#sustainabletourism consultancy, 
#socialmedia strategies for tourism sector & linked sustainable, responsible, green or eco businesses; 
#sustainabledevelopment through tourism.