World Travel Market 2017 report

It was that time of the year again, WTM London 2017. This year I attended it in behalf of Slow Lake Como the company I joined last year in December. It was a great emotion to be there looking for the best collaborations in terms of TO or travel agencies for Slow Lake Como, but I also had time to learn about new initiatives, projects and destinations of sustainable tourism, to meet with new colleagues and with people met just online before.

World Travel Market 2017

Very quickly the highlights:

  • Video message by Professor Susanne Becken from Griffith University and the Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard about the ‘fallacy of incremental change’. She explained that this means the industry focuses on gradually improving the efficiency of how it works while it keeps growing its overall impact, rather than making absolute reductions in its impact.  She decided not to take a long distance plan to attend 1hour event during WTM
  • Learning about Bwindi a plan discussed last year with inbound operators to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. An initiative to increase the earnings of those living on the margins of the national park and struggling to make a living. The initiative is supported by the UK Government’s Darwin Initiative;  the initiative has worked with basket weavers, market gardeners, guides and bee keepers.
  • Meeting with Megan (Exodus) and John (Explore) and starting a conversation with them about how to partner for Slow Lake Como
  • Meeting with Frosso, vice president at Ecoclub
  • I am the proud owner of stone paper, a paper I heard a lot about, shared by kind skallegues based in Spain, thanks to Halterios (sponsor of the Skal International Sustainable Tourism Award)
  • Sustainable tourism in Nicaragua: a decade of challenges and success stories by the Ambassador of Nicaragua in the United Kingdom invited by Jose Maria de Juan Alonso and his team (Koan Consulting)
  • Lunch time meetings  with Paolo and Tolu
  • The Best of social media 2017 is Faroe Island translate project
  • Attending Travel Massive

  • Attending RT Fringe event

WTM 2017 RT fringe event

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